I'm thinking of coming down to Ecuador this winter...

by Steve Shope
(Newport, RI USA)

...for a couple of months to go gold prospecting. Depending on your schedule, I would like to get together with you and pick your brain as to the best places for me to go and find gold.

I will be bringing metal detectors, etc. with me. Perhaps you could suggest the best type for me to buy and bring. Any thoughts or suggestions as to where to go and what ever research I should do before coming down would be welcome.

Thank you,
Steve Shope

Stan's response: Hi Steve, Sure, I would love to meet up with you when you arrive in Ecuador. I know lots of good places where you can go.

The best nugget detector to buy all depends on your budget. I really like the high-end Minelabs and the Fisher Gold Bug II. Be sure to practice a lot at home before going remote.

Information about Ecuador's gold history is a bit hard to come by. You might try my "Gold Secrets of Ecuador" e-report found on my other web site at: www.StanGrist.com. Other than that, I'll be glad to point you in some good directions when we meet.

Practice your Spanish!

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