If Money Was No Object

by Jim Husselman

I am a 25 year retired US Army Veteran that unfortunately is also disabled to a degree. But, truly, I am not driven or care about money. Money is really not my driving force, though I wish I had enough to just be able to go and scuba dive for treasure!

To be honest I know there will be those who do not understand, but I don't even care who gets the treasure. I just love the diving.

You know everyone is driven by something and I get that. I just wish I could afford the equipment to dive again, even if it is for someone else's benefit. So there you have it.

Have a great day, Jim Husselman
US Army Retired

Stan's response: Thanks Jim, In the very near future, I will be introducing some powerful new options that will allow our community to create a "location independent" business income for themselves.

This may help you to do exactly what you want with purchasing treasure diving equipment and living the lifestyle you want.

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If money was no worry.
by: Anonymous

Stan, did you ever work out the business venture you were working on?

Also if you or anyone you know has a need for for another party member to treasure hunt, I would be glad to help!

I am, as I said, a 25 yr Army vet very mechanical and electrical experienced as well as dive exp'ed.

Also at the risk of sounding like a beggar which I assure you I am not I am looking for some low cost metal detecting toys my Fisher cz has been repaired many times and tired lol. And my first gen pin pointer has been used so much it points at it self and not the goodies.

I am also a gunsmith and would trade services if someone had extra gear they could spare. Again, sorry if I sound like a bum and offend anyone with this post, I mean no offense. Happy hunting all and may you find your peace and fortune. Jhussler@gmail.com

Stan's response: Thanks for your comments. I have not yet completed the business venture opportunity for our Club members. It is still in the works. Now that I am back to work, it won't take very long.

Treasure Hunting and Diving
by: Anonymous

Thank you to those who replied to my statements.

Jim and His Diving Equipment
by: Anonymous

Jim, sorry to hear about your situation. If I do get in a position where I can help, you will get the equipment you want.

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