Ideal Lifestyle and Blocks

by Mark

Thanks for asking for my specific input.

In my unique situation, I have no blocks with regard to family or lifestyle (other than having limited resources).

My blocks include:

Physical conditioning. I am spending more time walking around in the forest lately and will begin yoga soon. That should help with this block.

Assessment: With every opportunity comes costs, risks and potential rewards. I would like to have a method(s) and/or technique(s) to accurately assess the cost/benefit of each opportunity that presents itself. Even a few hints to begin to ACCURATELY assess these matters would be nice.

I am also interested in learning something about what might be termed as psychic assessment of potential treasure sites. I have a feeling that some sort of remote viewing technique(s) might be quite helpful in this endeavor.

Other than those specifics, whatever you might want to share will be eagerly reviewed.


Stan's response: Thanks for your comments Mark. Please tell me exactly what type of opportunities would you like to be able to assess better. I look forward to working with you on this.

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