I Wonder

by Jack

Stan, I wonder if there are not people around the world that, for one reason or another, cannot ever actually travel to South America and be a member of one of our expeditions. But perhaps some of these people might want to be involved and share in our discoveries?

As we are planning on having one or more Satelite phones with us, we could give them daily updates as to where we are, and what we have found. Maybe even a Skype sort of video message would be possible.

If a person contributed financially to the project, we could share with them a split of the booty. Our expedition could use the funding help, and it would be a way for people to enjoy being a part of a real expedition.

In the past most explorers had benefactors, and investors who had the vision to help back exploration. Maybe there are still people like that in the world. They could be a part of making history. What do you think?

Stan's response: That is a unique idea Jack. Let's see if there is any interest among our readers for that type of a business/adventure opportunity.

Any interest out there?

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Sep 23, 2015
Good post
by: Dominic Franecki

Hello! Many thanks for your site!
Could you help me, please? I want to share your article on my site Mix-Costumes is it possible?

I will link for you as an author! Thanks for answering!

Stan's response: Please send me a private email to discuss this. Thanks...

Nov 02, 2010
I Wonder
by: Anonymous

I know that there are a lot of people that would come up with the 100.00. But it would take a long time to raise 20,000.00 at a 100.00 per person and way to much paper work to do and the percentage would be hard to manage.

If it took 20,000 for one operation to start and the owner wanted to raise the money he could set it up where you could buy only 1 of 5 percentages 50%=10,000 25%=5,000 12.50%= 2,500 6.25%= 1,280 3.10%= 625. It would be allot easier to control by the operator and yes you will need a good lawyer also there are people that would love to do this but can not check thing out for there self because there state bound but would love to do it.

They would have to hire a reputable agency to check to make sure everything is as said. Also the operator of this certain operation would have to have a back ground check. So you can see that there are a lot of extra expenses for the person that wanted to get into this type of adventure.

BUT I am one of these people Stan from the states to however wants to play.

Nov 02, 2010
I Wonder
by: Anonymous

It is said.

Stan's response: What kind of expedition would you guys like to take?

Jun 01, 2010
sounds like a possibility
by: Marco Álan

I agree that it sounds like a possibility. I would be interested in an expedition. Even going down to Ecuador. Let's roll!

May 31, 2010
Investing in your Expeditions
by: Norm Marsh

I think that would be a great idea. I think there are scores of treasure hunters who are going out as they can to metal detect and maybe even make an occasional or regular trip someplace to metal detect but have never traveled to another country on a 1 week or longer treasure expedition.

Think of the funding you could raise for your expeditions if the funding started at $100.00 and went up from there in increments of $100.00. Say Stan you figured out that for one expedition that you would need to raise $100,000. Each $100.00 would be worth 1 position. Each position would be worth x amount % or recovered gold or treasure.

The number of positions would be limited to the amount of money needed to be raised for the expedition. Most of us don't have $1000 or $2000 or more laying around waiting to invest in a treasure expediton. By keeping the investment funding low to start I think it would be a lot easier to raise the amount needed for each expedition. That's my 2 cents anyway.

Norm Marsh

Stan's response: Thanks for your input Norm. There would be a number of key issues to consider before something like this could be put together, especially legal issues. We will continue to explore this idea. In theory, I like it.

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