I need the money

by Gary Cross
(Lakewood, CO)

I would love to do this but I have one major problem. I am paying out more money in bills per month than I am bringing in. I am a retired person. I have a hard time getting more money coming in because no one wants to hire a retired person because it is such a tight job market right now.

If there is some way I can get rid of this problem I will be glad to listen. I am qualified for all the other situations and I am in good health to do such things

Sincerely, Gary J. Cross

Stan's response: We'll be exploring unique and creative ways to estable several sources of residual income. Many of these will be adventure-related.

None of this will be anything to do with "get rich quick". It will all have to do with establishing long-term, financial sources that do not have limits.

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Jun 10, 2010
Relocating info...
by: Cray

Hi Richard & Stan,

I am definitely ready for a change in my life. I am not liking living in the US anymore. I am ready to move and explore other possibilities beyond these imaginary borders lines.

I have a little bit of savings that I know would stretch much further in a place like Ecuador which has been on top of my list of a place to go to first.

I have been a traveler and gypsy for most of my adult life. I would love to find out more about any expeditions that are being planned in the future and would love to be apart of one.

I have been a beach and shallow water metal detector for a few years with a small amount of success. It's lots of fun although but hasn't generated enough income to merit doing it full-time. I am open to learning to make treasure hunting allot more profitable.

Richard, you mentioned that you live in a $200.00 a month condo. Do you have any info on low cost rentals in Ecuador like you have? I would like to come to Ecuador for an extensive visit. I would like to set up in advance a landing pad or at least know what and where to look when I arrive. I wouldn't need much but having the basics would be nice.

So maybe if all goes well I can join your little band of merry expatriates in Ecuador after I arrive.

Stan, I would love to meet you too and please keep me posted on any expeditions that being formed or any other areas that I can plug into to help out.


Stan's response: Keep in touch with us here Cray

May 31, 2010

YOU may have more than enough money to live here.
I have a very good income, but as I worked in oil when the oil took a dive, I found my self about $2,000 per month short.

My wife also made good money, but when she got laid off in L.A., we were going to be in trouble in about 6 months.

So, after a few bad things happened, I said something must change. I sold everything in the States and moved to Ecuador with blind faith.

Well, now I don't know what to do with the extra money I have left over at the end of the month. eg: my rent on a 3-bedroom, 2 bath condo is $200 per month. Utilities are less than $50 for all of them (gas, electric and water).

Propane is $2 for 15 gallons. The food here is great and so cheap. I have a hard time spending $650 for everything.

I don't have a car but can afford one. The buses are an adventure. Learning Spanish is also an adventure.

I write in my Facebook everyday and have the time for it. I have a piece of mind that I never had in the States. As far as I am concerned, I won't be going back for a long time, if ever.

We have a small group here and we have lots of fun and meet at least 2 times a month, if not more. STAN always makes time for others. Come for a visit and see what you think. RICHARD

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