I have an Idea on Gold Dredging. Tell Me if I'm Wrong Here...

by Bill L.

I have a one-man jet boat with a 5 HP Honda drive. The jet exhaust water could be used to run a dredge. I have it all designed.

This unit can travel in 4-inches of water and one man can drag it over gravel bars. I can read a river pretty well. I know where gold settles as long as the river is not big.

This Boat goes 19 MPH so making ten miles in an hour is easy. With 3 gallons of fuel, it will run 8 hours.

I'm in Ecuador and have spoken to your friends; Rich, Rick and Jack. I'm thinking this boat can get me to places that are very hard to get to, fast.

If I was to visit you some time, would you be able to point me or Jack in a direction that a system like this would pay off with more than just an experience?

I would love to be someplace I could do at least a half oz. in a week. I have dredged plenty before. I don't want to be dredging with anacondas and gators swimming around either. Any input or insight you may have would be appreciated.

Stan's response: Yes Bill, I would be happy to consult with you about all of the possible areas in the country where this could work. There are several. Feel free to call me at home in Quito at: 2244276 or email me at: sdgrist@yahoo.com.

We can go over some maps and work out a strategy. Feel free to bring the troops too.

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Jul 02, 2010
Jet Boat Gold Dredge
by: Bill L

Thanks Stan. You're a Prince. I'll let you know when I can be there. Thank you very much.

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