I Am Pursuing My Dream Now!

by Brien
(Canada ex-pat soon.)

I am pursuing my dream now, as you know.

I have one more month to spend here in Canada, taking care of my affairs, and then off I go!

Books, videos, guiding people through ancient wonders, and meeting with and working with Native people.

I hope that we can get together and have joint projects!

Stan's response: Brien, your lifestyle serves as a great inspiration to me and to all of the other people with whom you come into contact. You are the perfect example of someone who lives their passion.

Will you please respond to this post with another comment including links to your videos and your new book? I would like for everyone here to see examples of your lifestyle. Thank you!

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Jun 06, 2010
Unexplained Mysteries
by: Brien

Though small in geographical size, Peru is a land of more mysteries than any other country I have seen, and I have been to about 65 so far.

From the majesty of Machu Picchu to the Lines Of Nazca, the deep waters of Lake Titicaca and the jungles of the Amazon.

Conventional archaeology and anthropology, in my opinion, have mis-dated many of Peru's ancient sites, and I plan to get to the bottom of when these places were first built, and who built them.

May 28, 2010
My Pursuits And Links
by: Brien Foerster

Hi and Hola!

My name is Brien Foerster.

I have spent the majority of my life pursuing ancient Native knowledge and wisdom, not from a comfortable armchair, but in real life.

I have traveled to about 65 countries in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, and the Pacific "Polynesian Islands.

My hands on interest began at the age of 8, fascinated by the oral traditions of the Native people of the west coast of Canada. So at 12 years old I began wood carving; by 26 this was my full time profession ( having also earned a Bachelor of Science degree as a back up. )

Examples of my work can be seen at:


I then moved to Maui Hawaii, to be assistant project director of building a 62 foot traditional Hawaiian sailing catamaran. A video of this is available on Youtube: MoĆ²kiha O Piilani:Sacred Serpent That Pierces The Heavens.

My interest is now the Inca civilization, or more correctly, the lost civilization that preceded the Inca, and built the megalithic stone structures at Puma Punku ( Door Of The Puma ), close to Tiwanaku Bolivia, Ollantaytambo, Peru, and possibly Machu Picchu ( some of its structures at least, including the Temple Of The Moon, which few visitors ever see.



Stan's response: Over the last months, Brien has become a good friend. I have followed his work very carefully. I have a rather strong recommendation to make to readers of this post...

You should study every word of what Brien writes and you should watch every video that he produces. Brien is a perfect example of someone who goes out and consciously creates his own, adventurous reality.

you can follow Brien's formula, or one similar to it and begin to carve out your own niche of independence and freedon today!

Thanks Brien!

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