How to get Pictures to load to your posts??

by Bill "Lost Adams"
(Dallesport, WA USA)

2014 Briggs Pocket Gold

2014 Briggs Pocket Gold

Stan, I haven't received a response to my concerns about getting the pictures to upload to your site.

I reduced them to below the 1 meg requirement and still they won't load. I have only got one to load and that is on my original post and is a picture of my Business card.

Are there any restrictions on the number of pixels wide and high we need to use as long as the File size is below 1 meg?

Thanks for your help.
Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Hi Bill, If you could reduce them to smaller jpegs that are less than 100k, that should work. A maximum of no more than 400 pixels in width should be ok too. We don't need top notch resolution to be able to see them well.

I can see that the photo you were able to post is quite spectacular! Thank you very much for sharing this.

Once again, these are YOUR photos and I will not use them for anything else.

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