How To: Beach Hunting & Garrett AT Pro for JIM and All.

by Lost Adams
(Dallesport, WA USA)

Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea

Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea

Garrett AT Pro & AT Gold Forum

I recommend you start at the last/beginning, I know OxyMoron, to get the very first impressions and how other people solved and answered problems similar to yours.

Join the Forum so you can SEARCH for your Keyword (Beach, Salt, Wet Sand) or whatever you can think of pertaining to your specific problem.

READ ALL of the Posts on your subject over the next Month and PRACTICE on the beach what is being said on the forums.

You have to SHOW the Old Timers that You are NOT Part of the "Instant Quick Fix/I Want It NOW Generation" before they will reveal their "Hard
Won Blood Sweat Tears Vast 40+ Years of EXPERIENCE."

THEN and ONLY then, post your questions asking for others to help. So when the OLD Timers ask "Have your tried this or read that post or book", you can say YES, But I'm having this problem?.

They will Know you can and will follow directions and are WILLING to DO the Research to achieve your goals.

Then repost your Finds and Problems that were Solved and THANK the People who helped you.

Join other forums and repeat the above process. I will guarantee you that in less than 4 months or one detecting season, you will be the one HELPING others solve their problems.

Find an old BOOK by Garrett called "Successful Coin Hunting" NOT the New-Fangled one with all the COLORED pictures and the Dummied up text,
but one of the old ones preferably from the 1980's. ISBN:0915820301

THE BEST (IMHO) is "Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea"
Garrett, Charles L
Published by Ram Books
ISBN 10: 0915920514 ISBN 13: 9780915920518

DO NOT GET THE NEWER ONES they have the COLORED pictures and the Dummied up Text. Get a used one from the 1980's of the above ISBN # off the Used Book Store web searches. I just checked and Abe Books seems to have the most starting from $1 to #?? for used ones. Just make sure that you find out the condition and shipping cost before you order. Amazon may have some also.

When You have done all that, tell us here about your experience and I'll tell you some very LIFE Changing INFO on HOW to make THIS your Primary Income Source.

Bill "Lost Adams"

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Is There Anything Similar for ATX?
by: Lost Adams

Zantonsus, I don't understand your question. You need to either finish your comment or be more specific about "anything similar".

If you go to the forum and register, you can see what is available for many 100's of detectors. The book I recommended is NOT Brand or Model specific.

I would look for ??? ATX, I don't know off the top of my head what make/brand ATX is.
Bill "Lost Adams"

Is there anything similar for ATX?
by: Zantonsus

This looks like a great site, is there one for the ATX? Liked your post on the things to remember when

Stan's comment: Zantonsus, could you please repost this message as it seems to have been cutoff before completion? Thanks.

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