A Dozen Home Security and Crime Prevention Tips for the Prepper

To be prepared, you must have a starting or reference point. In other words, you have to narrow your focus down to what exactly you’re preparing for. Obviously, preparing for a dinner engagement might take a little preparation. Preparing to be able to handle a disaster or an emergency situation where your life could be on the line requires far more consideration, thought and preparatory methods to be taken.


It is vital arrangements of this sort that we’ll be focusing on here since they are worthwhile, valuable and may aid in not only saving your life, but making things easier during a crisis situation. To assist with this, the author here provides a dozen tips to prepare your home with crime preventative measures, increased security and some valuable hints about privacy.


A Dozen Home Security and Crime Prevention Tips for the Prepper


  1.  Secure your doors with multiple locking mechanisms.  Yes, it is an annoyance to carry multiple keys but why make it easy for the bad guys? A dead-bolt is essential and even two would not be excessive. Make sure the locks are difficult to pick and remember that a lock is only as good as the strength of the door frame.
  2.  Do not leave keys under mats, under flower pots, on top of doorframes or in one of those $3 magnetic key carriers that fits under the frame of your car. Thieves know about these places and are more clever than you might think when it comes to locating a spare. Here at my place we have secured a spare key in a coded key vault , similar to the type real estate agents use.  (And dare I say that I have lost my keys more than once on the trails and that having a spare has saved the day?)
  3. Do not put your name and address on your key ring. If you lose your keys – and who hasn’t – why advertise your home location and provide easy entrance. You might as well put a sign on your front door that says “TAKE ME”.
  4.  Keep your outdoor areas well lit. This does not have to be costly. Even shaded areas will benefit from inexpensive solar lighting. Put porch lights on a dawn to dusk timer and make sure your garage entrance is not shrouded in darkness.
  5. Zip those lips! This is my weakness and something I will commit to stopping RIGHT NOW! In my effort to spread the word about family preparedness, I talk about my own efforts – what I have, how I am storing it, and worst of all, where I have located my stuff. Shame on me. What I have effectively done is advertise the fact that if the SHTF (stuff hits the fan), you can come to my place because I have food, I have water, I have stuff. This is going to be difficult because I do want to educate and help others. But I am going to really try to be a bit more private on a going forward basis.


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These methods all fall under common sense tactics. What used to be common sense to many folks in previous times often just doesn’t occur to people nowadays. Pay attention and learn. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re in an area impervious to disasters or calamities; they can happen anywhere. And when it comes to privacy, be wise and don’t advertise to anybody and everybody about your preparations.

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