Hi-Tech or Low-Tech or No-Tech??

by Jim

Hello Everyone!!

So much hacking and so little time...

It seems computers were suppose to make life easier and more secure yet everyday you read about some atrocious breech of security and someone's network.

So, what do you think, should we just go back to the old ways and start employing people to throw switches, carry mail, and other "less efficient means" as the snow-flake generation would claim and regain some control over local lives?

At the moment we have bored teenagers on summer break in some old Soviet Bloc country hacking into someones computerized refrigerator in the well to do neighborhoods to hold a prized dessert hostage for a ransom.

I have wondered why we don't pull off the military communications from the internet and just hard-wire and have that system exclusive and stand alone from all others. Also, have paper. It is hard to impossible to "hack" into a letter from half way around the world. We have too much junk on stored on electronic junk!

So what about us? We, the bold and curious and the people who remember what a newspaper is and what a paper route was. Should we lower our tech dependence and participation? Ironic I am saying this on a Blog on a computer system... Or do we go no tech and be able to smoothly handle when things go offline and unavailable.

Perhaps a happy medium?

What do you think and how do you do it??? What would you need as the basics and how do you supply it.

Would life be much better by going lower tech and slower life? Can this be done where you currently live??

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Slower option
by: Jim

I am wondering if a county in South America is the way to go in slowing down life.

I looked at Chile's cost of living and was surprised that everyday items are not as cheap as I thought or even more than the US. For instance, a gallon of milk is almost $5.00. In the US on the West coast I am paying $3.25 a gallon.

Other staples were also a surprise like eggs, fish, beef, etc. Gasoline was a shock. It is about $10 a gallon. I thought most of the countries were big producers. Perhaps they need to export most of that oil and gas to have foreign exchange.

Chile sounds nice but a good look at other places is prudent before settling on a spot.


The Rat Race
by: Jeffrey Elliott

We people in life as we know it today are simply just numbers because as people we are just passing life into obscurity because of too much speedy technology we have learned to roll with the flow or the punches which is very sad and ultimately the death of us all!

We have forgotten to slow things down and live life at a slower pace because of the rat race today !!! We people as individuals can slow our personal lives down to bring back just a little of what truly makes us happy or content if you will!

Then we after a while find ourselves gravitated or pulled back into what frustrates or disrupts our lives which is the rat race! It seems to be no getting away from it completely because we are comfortable living within it by adaptation!!!

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