Historical MYSTERIES of "Baja" ????

by Matthew S.
(Whittier, Ca, USA)

Hey All, Been awhile since i posted, but i wanted to send a SHOUTOUT to my Stan and ask him or ANYONE ELSE for that matter if they have any information regarding the following.........

A GERMAN U-BOAT WRECK in the 'SEA OF CORTEZ' and one or more JAPANESE sub wrecks, sunk by commandos in 1943 in MAGDALENA BAY.

Both of these rumored sub wreck lie in Baja California, ALSO nearby is a rumored 'Nazi Camp Remains' located in Southern Colorado on the 'Piketwire river'

Stan my man do you have anything in that huge treasure library of your that'll help me figure this one out?

If you do, you can BET im gonna pursue this treasure this summer.

God Bless! Matthew

Stan's response: Hey dude... I'm not sure if this story is related to what you want, but check it out:


At least it is a very interesting story. From my personal files, I see that in 1943, a Japanese vessel, disguised as a fishing boat (the Tama Maru), carrying $250,000 in gold bullion and Japanese gold coins, was enroute to Mexico with plans to takeover the country. The gold was hidden on the beach near Punta Prieta in the Bahia Blanca and never recovered. Very mysterious indeed.

And then, when it comes to Japanese occupation in the Pacific West Coast and even entering into Magdalena Bay, check this out:


Obviously, you are on to some very interesting information Matthew. Please keep us all posted on your progress.

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Dec 06, 2012
N.Korean Sigint Action in Gulf of California
by: Russell

There was some traffic about such a site. One mission was to listen-in on message traffic between CONUS and our Units in Central America.

Oct 12, 2012
Enemy Activity in Baja
by: Russell

The Wanderling site is excellent if you are keen to learn about Jap Navy activities in the Baja CA area. Also you might wish to develop info concerning a North Korean SIGINT interception station on an island in the Sea of CORTEZ in the 1980 - 1999 time frame.

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