Hello from Texas

by Barry Myatt
(Conroe, Texas)

Hi, and I hope all are safe and well from earthquake. I like your site very much. You are motivating me to visit the country. I lived and worked in Mexico for over 25 years, but left for obvious reasons.. shame... what a nice country.

I have been metal detecting since 1975 and love it. I found your site cross referencing Howard Jennings, as I just read his book and wanted to read more.

Anyway, I'm glad I found your site, very interesting. Do you have any problems detecting there? I would really like to look into Olancho, Honduras but all the people from there say its like Mexico also.

I spent 20 days in the Sierra Madres in Mexico detecting and know how to move around in Spanish. But at 62 years, I need less excitement. Is there any hostility or laws that make it less fun in Ecuador?

Europe is coming off my list because of nighthawks and strict laws. Thanks for your excellent site and god bless. I just might go there to visit in 2017-18.

Stan's response: It is great to hear from you Barry. Yes, Howard Jennings and his book, The Treasure Hunter, have played a huge part in my adventurous lifestyle. I followed his footsteps everywhere and had a great time doing it.

I have never has a problem freely detecting everywhere in Ecuador. Fortunately, we still roam freely and have a lot of fun here.

I hope your plan progress well for a visit to Ecuador. You won't regret it.

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May 10, 2016
Thanks for Your Post Barry
by: darylluke@yahoo.com

Barry, thanks for your post. I will look up this author.

Yet, your post makes me wonder what you mean about nighthawks, Europe crossed off, obvious reason for leaving Mexico, etc... WHAT do you mean about all of these things? Honduras like Mexico? Yes, I suppose it is, they both speak Spanish there... scratching my head... :-(


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