Heading to Ecuador, I'm Looking for Gold Prospecting Partners

by Jonathan
(Costa Rica)

Hi, my name is Jonathan. I've been traveling through Central America for a few months. I'm now in Costa Rica (just for fun, no gold here!) and will be coming to Ecuador within a couple of weeks and will stay for 2-3 months. I am very interested in learning how to dredge for gold in the rivers there. I have panned at little bit but want to step it up.

I'm looking to team up with experienced prospectors - or someone who knows the land layout. I'm a strong, focused, fast learning 32 year old ready to work, but might not be as experienced as them. I realize it's also important to work with someone who's going to watch your back and knows a bit of what's going on.

I will be looking to buy a new or used hand dredge and other equipment if anyone has suggestions...

Get a hold of me and let's find some ounces of gold!!



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