Heading Down to Ecuador! Meet Up Anyone?

by Rob
(Island of Malta)

It looks like me and a friend might be heading down to Ecuador in about a month or so in order to do a little exploring. We got a lead...whose source then mysteriously vanished...but are hoping to pick up its trail again. If anyone would like to meet up for drinks and talk about our favorite subject, or maybe even collaborate on a project, drop me a line at

r.farrug@gmail.com or


Used to be an archaeologist and did the rounds in the archaeology of the Americas, studying with Prof. Peter Mathews and and an other guy whose name escapes me (and whose region was SA - spent more time down at the pub than in lectures with him I think!) but my specialty is the Mid East.

This will be my first time in South America. Stan and Jack Livings, if you guys are going to be around, I'd love to buy you both a round.

Vol One of the book is almost finished - it ran into excess of 300 pages, so I had to split it into a two volume set. Would love to get your opinion on a set of pics we have.

Sorry I kinda disappeared...was in Sichuan near Tibet when I received news that my father was in poor health, then had to go back to Malta. He died, we buried him, and we've spent the last few months slogging our way through inheritance issues. Its taken up a lot of time.

By the way Jack, I bought and read your book, 'A Gringo's Guide to Gold' and it was pretty damn good.

Gave you the bare, real details of not only life in Ecuador but of the search for the yellow stuff as well. I'll try and post a review on it in the future.

Stan, I didn't forget you either. I bought the Venezuela pack...couldn't resist after I read the stories. Me and my buddy are actually going to try and get there, primarily for the hell of it rather than to get rich.

Besides, those possible ruins sound interesting. Anyways, anyone interested in treasure hunting, adventuring or other tomfoolery is welcome to join us, just get back to me either here or email me. Regards, Rob.

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May 07, 2012
Coming Down to Ecuador!
by: Jack

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the kind comment about my little book.
I am glad you liked it, and I sure would appreciate you leaving a review.

Definitely will take you up on that drink, as long as I can get the next round. I am sure Stan will want to meet you too.

Just give us a heads up as to when you are arriving, so we can plan ahead. You can email me at jlivings2@hotmail.com if you like.

Looking forward to meeting you guys.
Til then,take it easy.

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