"Great Life" You're Living Stan

by Jerry



"GREAT LIFE" you're living Stan. I plan to be a Pro at treasure hunting in this life too. What is some of the best equipment and tools that you have found that really work, ie. Minelab, White's, Fischer, deep seeking machines, web sites, maps, etc.

The Montana / Utah area will been the focus of my search for all the hidden gold / silver / guns / Spanish artifacts, etc.


Stan's response: Thanks for writing Jerry. It looks like you're focusing in on a very productive area geographically.

Over the years I have become a bit fond of the high-end Minelab products. That said, most of the other competitors are very good too. I have never had much luck with the deeper seeking or long-range instruments.

I am certainly looking forward to trying out some OKM equipment one of these days.

As far as web sites go, I like goldgold.com, treasurenet.com, kellycodetectors.com and stangrist.com :-)

And the single thing that I consider to be the most important of all for consistent success is RESEARCH.

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May 21, 2010
by: Douglas

At the risk of sounding like a heretic, has anyone ever attempted to use dowsing for treasure location? I learned to dowse for water as a young man. Despite the poo-poo opinions of many mainstreamers I was quite successful at pinpointing not only where it was but the depth at which it could be found.

I know many dowsers claim they can locate any type of object, not just water. My searches were always for water only. I never dabbled in locating anything else but would be curious to know if others have tried and if so, with what success.

Dec 25, 2009
by: green but eager

I looked at the OKM and Nokta and thought the Nokta Golden King looked more advanced. Has anyone tried the Nokta and or the OKM? Garrett 2500 with a two box coil is more in my price range.

Stan's response: I, too, am very curious to know if anyone has an opinion on this issue of the Nokta vs. the OKM technology! This is an area of extreme interest to me. Please give us your opinions!

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