Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting in British Columbia

Hey Stan, I just discovered you due to Pinterest. I do not seem to find any new updates or maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I am very interested in your adventures.

In 1976 my grade one teacher first book she read to us was a version of oak island. She was from Nova Scotia and her first year teaching. I didn't know that the story was real!!! However I also never forgot it either and all my life I have wanted to be a treasure hunter.

I have collected rocks likes it an addiction and been mocked for it all my life. I fear I have passed it now on to my 13 year old daughter too.

Anyway I have purchased a few gold pans and have been doing some research on metal detectors, rov's and sluice boxes. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to pan.

I'm 45 live in Armstrong, British Columbis and have a few months to do a lot of reading as I'm about to under go surgery and treatment for lung cancer in the new year.

I have decided I want to pursue a life long passion of mine and wonder if you could have some ideas for me. Thanks

Tom Unger - 250-981-6440

Stan's response: Hi Tom, I am very sorry to hear of your health challenges. I hope your operation is a success so that you can get right back to a normal lifestyle.

In British Columbia, you certainly have plenty of places where you can do some gold panning and treasure hunting.

For example, if you do an internet search of “British Columbia Ghost Towns”, you’ll find dozens of potential treasure hunting sites, many of which also still have placer gold to pan. Likewise, if you search, “British Columbia” “gold panning”, you will see many different gold-bearing rivers where you can do some gold prospecting.

Also, it is almost always helpful to stop in at your nearest gold prospecting / treasure hunting store. Most store owners are happy to help you with suggestions on where you can go nearby to enjoy a successful search.

I still collect rocks wherever I go. I recently cemented some of my favorite rocks samples right into the shower in my new bathroom.

I hope that helps, Stan

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