Gold Prospecting Dream in Ecuador

by KJ Whie
(Bates City, MO, USA)

I really enjoy all the great information on this site. My hat is off to you Stan for sharing such a wealth of information.

My family and I manage quite a few websites and have for a few years now. My son-in-law and I are planning a gold prospecting trip to Ecuador this spring and are excited about the whole thing.

My oldest boy whom is managing an internet company in the Philippines, had sent me the link to your wonderful site a few months ago. He and I had dreamed of being gold miners for probably 20 years now.

We had purchased the whole gold prospector's kit and a couple metal detectors, gearing up for the whole thing and I had a serious injury, placing all our plans on hold. Now all these years later, the dream re-surfaces because of your site.

We look forward to visiting Ecuador and hopefully will get to meet up with you some day?

Stan's response: Thanks for the kind words. Never let that gold prospecting dream die. I hope to see you around. Keep me posted on your progress.

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