by Robert MacElvain
(Eufaula, AL, USA)

Robert MacElvain, here, metallurgist, specializing in the extraction of gold and Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from weakly-magnetic hard-rock, and magnetic black-sand concentrate; values that are usually diverted directly to the mining waste stream, even though some of these "worthless" black-sand concentrates carry hundreds of Troy ounces of extractable gold and PGMs per short ton, sub-microscopic (
I am seeking to make contact with gold prospectors, miners and dredgers operating in Ecuador to purchase (or toll) their black-sand tailings. I am also seeking qualified heavy concentrate, magnetically separated from ordinary host rock.

Stan's response: I can't wait to do an analysis on the black sands coming from our El Dorado alluvial mining project. Remember, a lot of our material flows from the Condor Mountains to the east. These mountains are known to contain a variety of precious metals. Let's see if we can send a good black sand sample up to Robert for analysis.

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