Gold Prospecting Adventure of a Lifetime

by Andrew
(Sheridan, Wyoming, USA)

The mine is located in the Prinzapolka - Waspuk - Umra River region. A description in the book was where the Tunky empties into it. Tunky, I'm guessing, is a creek or tributary that empties into the Umra.

My great grandfather called it the Texana Placer mine. Another gentleman who was with him on his travels, founded Bonanza. From the date of the book he ventured there back in the late thirties to early forties.

From my understanding, he and my uncle were going up river, hit something in the water, and my great grandfather drowned. My uncle was the only one who got out and as far as I know he never ventured back there again.

Stan's response: This is one of the best placer gold areas in all of Latin America Andrew. Further, it is remote jungle territory and there should be many rich placers throughout the entire region.

If you and a partner know how to prospect for alluvial gold in jungles and can speak a little Spanish, I would dare say that you could really find a bonanza there.

Be sure to check on government mining laws on the internet just in case you find something rich. Or, if you prefer to remain a small operation, you probably don't even have to worry about the laws due to the remoteness.

The Mosquito Indians in the region are quite friendly and helpful. I once had dealings with some of them just over the border in Honduras. They were great people.

This region doesn't get much tourism and yet is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This actually should help to increase your chances of success as there are only local Natives working the gold right now.

Who would like to go gold prospecting in Nicaragua with Andrew?

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Nov 11, 2012
Nicaragua Placer Gold
by: Rick C

Enough talking. Stan, lets go !!!! My in-laws live there. Lots of family to help us 785-806-8068

Lets do this !!!!

Jun 15, 2012
Gold Prospecting in Nicaragua
by: Anonymous

Hi Andrew, I live in Costa Rica and have a lot of equipment here that now can not be used in Costa Rica. When you come to Nicaragua let me know and maybe we can meet up with some of my equipment and we can work those areas together. Thank you


May 31, 2011
by: Nick

Tell me more. Drop a line. My email is Thanks, Nick

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