Gold Mining in Ecuador

by James Wasas
(New Jersey)

I lived happily in Ecuador for 14 years with a visa of "inversionista Industrial" because of a $25,000 investment that created jobs for Ecuadorians. I recommend Ecuador strongly and look forward to returning (I am retiring and need a good project to keep me busy).

I worked with Geevor del Ecuador in Quito, Stan Hall and several hard rock mines and ore processing plants in the Provinces of El Oro, and Azuay to improve their recovery of gold and silver without using mercury or harming the environment, and taught the efficient crushing, milling, instrumented use of cyanide with CIP, elution and refining to 999.9 Fine gold, manufacture of pure silver and production of silver nitrate.

My contact is or 732-535-2261 if I can help.

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Oct 27, 2013
Have moved to California
by: James Wasas

In January 2013 I moved from NJ to CA to serve as a VP and Director of the Refineries (gold and silver) at the Great American Mint and Refinery, Inc in Anaheim.

The redesign of both refineries is complete and we are now expanding production capacity to try to match the hunger of the coin and bar minting machines that are now operating smoothly.

If you have any silver or gold to refine and sell, let me know at 714-678-2400 X 2405 or my cell 732-892-2939.

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