Gold in the Philippines

by Tom Brown
(San Diego, California )

I've heard stories of the gold that was in the Philippines before the arrival of the Spanish. Along with intriguing names of locations throughout the islands. Mindoro a contraction of Mina de oro, mine of gold, Mt Batulao, a contracting of batong dilaw, Mount of yellow stone.

I'm wondering what others have heard of the old history of the Philippines and what resources I can direct my attention to.

Stan's response: Thanks Tom. The topic of Yamashita's Gold continues to be of great interest to a lot of people.

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and silver in the Philippines...
by: Jim

If you like diving and are in Manila Bay, there is supposed to be silver coins the U.S. Navy dumped prior to being occupied by the Japanese in WWII.

I am sure many people have dived and found coins but as they say; no one ever gets it all...

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