Gold in NW Florida

by John Smith
(Pensacola , FL USA)

I am excited to tell I have discovered a gold placer deposit in Escambia county Fl. The placer is from the pleiosene era deposit that underlies the entire NW FL area.

I found it by accident while looking for meteorites from ancient impacts in the deposit. I noticed a layer of black sand in the sand bar so I got out the trusty gold pan and took some samples.

To my amazement there was a sizeable amount of flour gold in my pan. The gold when viewed with a 100x magnifier was rough in texture. The gold while small is plentiful (50+colors per trenching tool shovel after panning.

I also am finding many gemstones ie; citrine, topaz, sapphire and possibly diamond and emerald or green garnet. I haven't had a chance to put the uv light on for confirmation of diamond.

A local creek cuts the usually covered formation. I will now start searching the other areas cut by a river where the deposits are exposed. I only checked the top layer of the bar, When I get back up to the creek I will go deeper in hopes of finding larger pieces of gold.

I also found a meteorite about the size of a pea. It passed the scratch test! I think there are plenty more. Fossil limestone also in deposit possibly Devonian era?

Once again using the information you have so willingly supplied over the years I have made another unknown discovery.

1.Do research
2.Look close to where you are

Get out there!

All in all a remarkable find for me. Thanks again Stan, hope all is well with you!

Stan's response: Wow John! This is an amazing discovery. I have never heard of a deposit like this in Florida. Congratulations! We really appreciate you sharing this with us. We also appreciate your words of wisdom about having our eyes open near home and getting out there!

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Chipley fl
by: Anonymous

I live in Chipley, Florida and not far from Holmes county.

Pensacola Resident
by: Anonymous

I'm just getting into all of this and I was disappointed upon hearing that FL is not ideal for gold deposits conditions. This has given me new hope. I wish I knew the location maybe what side of town but I'm sure the North end along blackwater river is a good place to start.

Awesome find!

Holmes Co. FL Gold
by: John

Thanks to all for your kind comments on my find!

Karl, I am intrigued by your find in Holmes county. I Know a couple of families that own a good portion of the county, I grew up in NW Fl.

Please contact me. I think I saw that you live in Florida as well. My email is
or call me 850-384-0189 John Smith. I would really like to talk with you a bit. Small world!

Holmes County too!
by: Karl

Amazing discovery and it brings to mind something I found in Holmes County, Union Hill road area of Chipley. At about 5 feet down a deposit of almost pure white clay with streaks of gold. We cut some samples on the property and my partner, Orestes Lima now deceased thought the white clay was a deteriorated quartz. The gold was quite visible. He sent some samples off to I think Griner labs for assay and with the results tried to enter into a contract with the land owners to mine the materials. Gold was a little over $300.00 per ounce at the time so I'm guessing it would really be profitable today. I'm going to try and dig back through my notes and get the particulars and perhaps approach the folks again.

New Discoveries
by: Andi

This is truly amazing, I never know Florida had gemstones. I guess you never know what you can find. You just have to have some knowledge and patience.

Another Great Discovery Example
by: William Kilgore

Yes, this like my mine in Virginia. It is one more great example that most geologists go by the book and not by the evidence. I wish you great luck in proving your deposit, while I pray people will trust my documentation of the Moss Mine Deposit in Goochland County in Virginia.

Best wishes.

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