Gold in Nevada

Hello Stan, I am currently concentrating my mining efforts in Nevada. Still a mining friendly state, one of the very few.

Do you have any information on the Gold Mountain area? This little known mining district is very close to Death Valley across the border in Nevada.

Do you have any information on the Nugget Patch area as well? This is a fairly well known area close to Lovelock, Nevada.

I know in talking with you, that years ago you did some prospecting around the S.W. and was wondering if you had any interesting information to share. Thanks in advance Stan.

Stan's response: Hi Jack, I only have room and time to respond to your first request about Gold Mountain today. If you could please post a separate request about the Nugget Patch tomorrow or later, I will be very happy to respond as I have plenty of info on that too.

Gold Mountain has a fascinating history of discovery and mining. Instead of writing an essay, I will give you some links to some great reading about the history and geology of the area. Here are the links:

I hope this helps!

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by: Jack

Thank Karl,

I looked several claims in at Oriental Wash last fall. I really like that area. I appreciate the heads up on metal detecting the washes for nuggets.

Thanks also to Stan for making it possible for us to exchange ideas and information on this great website.

Tule Canyon and Oriental Wash
by: Karl

Don't know if you are interested in placer or not but I have found some really nice nuggets, the biggest one was 1.57 Troy Ounces in the Tule Canyon and Oriental Wash areas outside of Goldpoint.

The many washes between Nevada and California Death Valley are loaded with gold. Just walk across until you find one without all the fine overburden. I skip past those until I find one with exposed bedrock and begin my search there.

Gold and relics from past mining expeditions to include powder flask, rimfire 44 cartridges and metal buttons, buckles, small change and the usual high volume of metal trash.

Stan's response: Thank you kindly for sharing this great information Karl. I can assure you... we are ALWAYS interested in placer!

Nevada Gold Areas
by: Lost Adams

Jack, I did a few months of research on Northern Nevada back in 2006-7. The only place I was interested in was the Placerites Area on the West side of the Majubas.

While studying the Geologic Papers on the west side of the Majuba Gold districts, I noticed that there was a Regional Trend in the Vein Structures, and that where they crossed that place would make gold.

The trend was NW to SE and SW to NE. While using Google Earth and Acme Mapper I could just start to make out the Regional Lineaments.

I didn't have enough money or time to stay and prove out my theories. Now, I have other objectives closer to home and thought I would give this to you guys to prove or disprove as you see fit. Also this method could be used to find other mineralized areas where you can SEE the desert floor.

In areas that have vegetative cover, the rivers and creeks can be used to narrow down your search area. Stan would probably know about this.

There are whole text books, or at least chapters, on the different rock types and how they crack/fault under regional strain. These weakened areas erode faster than the surrounding rock and form rivers and streams.

Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Thanks Bill, for sharing what I think is invaluable information. Your observations are extremely interesting to me, as I'm sure they will be to Jack too. It looks like Jack will be a busy boy for quite a while now.

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