Gold Everywhere

by John

Stan you are amazing! Thank You for sharing the knowledge and literature you have accumulated over the years with our group!

I am overwhelmed by the information contained in the ancient river of gold writings. I can see why one would need to read it multiple times.

I can look back on places I visited in Costa Rica and was confounded by the rocks around Jaco on the Pacific (looked like river rock but no river)10 years ago. The shore was strewn with rock that originated on land. Just south of there I picked up jade pebbles on a black sand beach along with many other unique stones that I have to this day. May be this is one of the spots mentioned in the book?

I won't be down that way any time soon, so if any one is in the area already might want to check it out. May be beach gold as well. The black sand and jade beach is in Playa Hermosa. I managed to pick up about 20 lbs. of different polished stones and had them in my suitcase on departure the customs folks must have thought I was nuts and I feel they were disappointed after tearing the bag apart and finding only a big bag of rocks!

Thanks again for your willingness to share the wealth!

Regards, John N.W. Florida

Stan's response: Thanks for your valuable comments and the kind words John...

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