Gold Dredging in Ecuador

by Larry
(Tulsa, OK, USA)

Stan, I would like to come down to Ecuador and do some gold dredging with a 4" or 6" dredge. Can you buy a dredge in Quito or does it have to be shipped in and what, if, any regulations are there as to dredging?

Thanks for any info and would love to meet you when down there. I dredge in Alaska and have friends who are also interested.

Stan's response: Good to hear from you Larry. I look forward to meeting with you when you come to Ecuador.

I do know of one brand new 4" dredge for sale in Quito in a large hardware store. I believe the price is around $4,500.

I also have a friend that has 1 used 6" and 2 new 8" dredges for sale. He is out of the country right now but might drop back in to sell one or two of them if you are interested.

Otherwise, you would need to import your dredge and likely go through a border broker to do it. That is something you could even handle from North America. There are a number of brokers that you could work with. I worked with one in Miami a number of years ago to import a half container of personal items.

I hope that helps!....Stan

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Nov 25, 2013
Gold Dredge
by: Rob

Hello Folks,

I will be in Ecuador in Mar, 2014. I'll be in the country for at least 6 - 9 months on this initial trip, but the idea being I will be looking to relocate permanently to Ecuador.

I'm very interested in locating a Gold Dredge for sale, or even working with and learning from someone who is experienced in gold dredging/prospecting in Ecuador.

I am an experienced scuba diver with both Padi and NAUI certification. I am 53 years old with an electrical engineering degree. I'm not afraid of hard work and I am of excellent character.

So, if you know of anyone looking to sell, or could use a willing hand. Please let me know.

Thank You!


Jan 17, 2013
I have a 6" dredge for sale in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

I'm selling my one month old 6" dredge. It's in the gold rich Tena area. It has a 20' hose with swivel nozzle. 18hp Vanguard motor, air compressor with regulator, wet suit, gold hog wild boar and little hog riffles for the first 3 feet, then miners moss with expanded metal the entire length of the sluice. This is fitted on 8" dredge pontoons for extra floatation. You can stand on a corner and it barely moves.
It is one month old and has approximately 90 hours on it. It uses around 1/2 gallon of gas an hour at 70% throttle.


Storage possible. Cash or paypal.

Stan's comment: GoldGuy is a friend of mine and this is a totally legitimate sale.

Apr 30, 2012
Ecuador Gold Refineries & Selling Your Gold
by: jim

I have considered panning for gold in Ecuador. I have heard there is a bunch there to find. The last time I was there they were paying very, very, very low prices at the local shops compared to the true value.

Are there any refineries in Ecuador that pay closer to the real value? What are the exportation of gold from Ecuador if I managed to find some while panning in is definitely appreciated.

Stan's response: There are no refineries that buy gold in Ecuador. There are many hundreds of gold buyers though.

Legal gold miners can obtain an export permit to legally export all of their gold from the country. The procedure is relatively fast and easy once you have the paper work in place.

Discovering the very best places to sell your gold in Ecuador takes a little time and investigation, not to mention speaking some Spanish.

There are gold buyers all over the entire country. Some pay quite well; most don't.

My favorite gold buyers pay generously. Some pay up to spot price for alluvial gold which is only 22 or 23 karats in purity.

Normally, you will find the best prices in alluvial mining centers where there is a lot of buying competition.

Aug 27, 2010
by: Larry

Thanks Stan for the info, I will be sure to contact you before I come.

Stan's response: Check out the new dredging equipment for sale in Ecuador!

Gold Dredges For Sale in Ecuador

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