Once, somebody asked me about treasure hunting, if it would be a problem to unearth a treasure when it is in a grave site. I can't remember what I answered exactly back then, but I remember that the question made me feel uncomfortable, that I haven't really cleared that up before with myself which meant, that I didn't really believe finding one and that I kind of would know what do when opportunity shows up. What a crap I think now about.

Without having a clear goal and checking if it is really in alignment with my moral standards and if there are any resistances blocking me opportunity, my inner guidance,intuition, coincidences will never guide me to one - as easy as that.

Today I would say a clear no to the question, as I don't feel good about digging in burial sites, wouldn't like if somebody does in my ancestors graves. The only possible exception would be that it can help suffering people, protect rain forrest,help children to get education etc.and it would be in way that science can learn about history, but as I can't garantee that, I wouldn't look for a treasure like that in the first place. Also the possible hassle with government agencies,corruption etc. would make me feel uncomfortable. Would my subconsciousness guide me through intuition, dreams, coincidences to get a treasure like that? Would I give 110% to get it? I don't think so. That's why it is so important to become clear about goals before.

Would it mean get treasure hunting out of my head? No. Just I would from the beginning go for the one that is in alignment with what I want and I would clear upfront what to do with the money, how to share it, how to protect it from possible threats etc.

By that I allow myself to think success, demand it, give all I have, follow my guidance etc. and I think just the difference between the two types of going for it will make the difference between failure and success.

As a child Roger Banister burnt his legs so badly that doctors said he would never walk again, but he found out that walking hurts incredible, but running is possible.Many years later he was the first man running the mile under 4 minutes.This was considered impossible for many decades.

"Man can't run that fast" period. After he did, 27 people could within just 2 years. That was no accident, no new running technique,no magic pill,just a change in thinking.

To have success in anything we have to think success, but also to really look for our personal blocks, control if we have a clear defined goal, that is free of hindrances and start.....

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