Garrett ATX Deep Seeker available...

by Eugen

Hello Stan and Friends,

Glad to be part of this Club, which offers so much for so little.

As for me, I ended up with two Garrett metal detectors and could help someone that needs one. I need just one due to the changing the scope of my searches in the field.

Therefore, I do have a Garrett ATX Deep $eeker available for whomever is interested. Please contact me via Stan.

Thank you Stan,

Eng. Eugen Macovei, MSME
Cuenca, Ecuador

Stan's response: We are happy to help Eugen. Good luck with this.

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The ATX Deep seeker is sold already; got a Mark II
by: Gene

Hi Guys,
Good to be here again.
I have sold the Garret ATX Deep Seeker detector. If interested I got another Garrett: a Marine Sea Hunter Mark II detector.
If interested connect here:
Thanks a lot,

by: Gene

Thank you Zantonsus!

If Only...
by: Zantonsus

If I didn't already have one... but...

Whoever gets this and wants some training on it or someone to go out seeking with, can expect to do so for no charge!

Friendship 1 on 1:
by: Eugen

Thanks again $tan!


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