Freelance Gold and Treasure Hunter

by Matthew S.
(Whittier, Ca, USA)

My name is Matthew, I'm 23 and I live in Whittier, Ca.

It has always been my dream to live a life of freedom and adventure while finding gold and locating a lost treasure ship. I've been branded as everything from a "Maverick" to a "Young Indiana Jones", to more colorful titles as "Worthless", a "Washed Up Dreamer" and my favorite, "Dumbo Weed".

Hehehe. Well now, we can't please everyone, can we? Treasure hunting and gold prospecting has always been my life since I was 6 yrs. old. Hearing tales of Mel Fisher finding the ATOCHA and watching all those John Wayne westerns with my Grandpa, I feel connected to that lifestyle and period of history.

Thus I have a STRONG desire to pursue that lifestyle despite all the adversity I have received, and now, I'm jobless. I've been out of work come 4 month's next week, and it seems THIS is the only path I can take, and I'll GLADLY take this path if it'll lead me to success and accomplishing my dreams.

Please Tell this "Washed up dreamer" what he can do to SUCCEED and Succeed WELL. Regards, Matthew S.

Stan's response: Matthew, I have been in your shoes. It is for guys like you and me that I am in the process of creating The Wealthy Adventurer's University. As you may have noticed, I am in the process of posting free, basic courses in various areas that can help adventurers like us. I am also selling more advanced versions of these courses very inexpensively, usually for less than $10.

My recommendation is always the same. It is to set up a few streams of auto-pilot income that can pay your basic bills while you go adventuring. That way, everything you discover while adventuring is extra, discretionary value that you can reinvest somehow to keep your pile of assets growing.

This "system" has worked very well for me over the years and has allowed me to maintain my freedom from undesirable jobs and bosses. It has allowed me to keep adventuring and having fun. It has also allowed me to accumulate enough to not be concerned about the future.

Always feel free to ask more questions about anything! I invite others to share their views on this very important topic...

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Apr 03, 2011
If You Dream, Dream Big!
by: Richard Bodeker

I lost everything while living in the box
(United States), but I am down here with Jack and Stan and we are having a blast. I have done this with very little money.

There are ways, as Stan says, to make an income and some make it while living the dream as I have and I would encourage you to dream as big as you can.

Most of the richest men in North America did not even finish high school or go to college. There are: Sam Walton - Ron Tyson - Bill Kent, just to name a few. They all dreamed as big as they could and all became billionaires.

You may or may not succeed, but you never will succeed if you give up. I have put together a partnership here that is already making me money and will make me very wealthy in near future. I did it by coming to Ecuador and using Stan's information and some hard work to make it happen.

So, good luck and I hope to see you here in the future.

Richard Bodeker

Apr 02, 2011
Here's to the "Worthless Dreamers" Out There
by: Jack


You are in very good company, and should be proud of marching to a different drummer, labeled a "worthless dreamer". It is a sign you are not one of the millions of sheeple, who waste their lives punching a time clock or sitting in a 5' X 5' cubicle day after day.

The advice I would offer you is this, read all of Stan's material, get a gold pan, a shovel, a few buckets and maybe a small hand sluice. Learn how to use them just like you would learn how to use tools at a job.

Follow Stan's advice on where to go, and or join the GPAA. Get a tent or camper; whatever you can afford, and go set up in a known gold bearing area.

Test until you locate good color and then spend hours everyday putting material through your sluice. At today's gold prices, you will probably make as much or more than many do at their dead end jobs.

When you can get some money together, come and pay us a visit here in Ecuador and see how other worthless dreamers live the good life. We always enjoy meeting those not afraid to leave the security trap to follow their dreams. I wish you the very best of luck.


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