Finding Placer Gold in the Cuenca, Ecuador Area?

by Chuck
(Cuenca, Ecuador)

Is there placer gold around the Cuenca area, or close by?

Stan's response: Chuck, you are surrounded by gold in the Cuenca area. For starters, you can practice your gold prospecting skills right within the city limits.

There is gold in both the Yununcay and the Tomebamba Rivers. You won't get rich from panning in the city, but you can prepare for bigger and better gold, once you are ready.

Your first step is learning where in the river to take the sand and gravel from. I usually like to pan material from the inside bend of the river and from behind or beneath a large rock or boulder. That said, gold is where you find it.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find gold in every pan from either of these rivers. The gold in the Tomebamba comes from Cajas National Park, northwest of the city. The gold in the Yununcay comes from a different part of Cajas National Park, southwest of the city, beyond Soldados.

Once you feel confident in your prospecting skills, you can head off on day trips to rivers with commercial gold values. I will list 3 of the better rivers here, but there are many more.

1. The Paute River between Sevilla de Oro and Mendez in the Oriente,

2. The Gualeceno River from Tinajillas all the way down into the Oriente near Limon,

3. The Rio Blanco from above above Chiguinda (down the mountain from Sigsig) down to Gualaquiza in the Oriente.

I have panned ridiculous amounts of gold in all of these rivers. Also, there are many dozens of suction dredges working continuously and illegally in these rivers. That is always a sign of rich material.

Any questions anyone?

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