Finding gold and using the right equipment at a minimal expense.

by Jerry Bogus
(Oxford, MI - USA)

Finding enough gold to live a comfortable life. I'd like to have a better idea of what equipment is necessary to find placer gold only in the U.S. in the ancient riverbeds and exactly what the bare minimum equipment is needed and what make of detectors, etc. should be purchased to do so without emptying my bank account, since I'm now retired and living on about 1/4th of what I used to make as an engineer. If you can help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Jerry Bogus - Oxford, MI

Stan's response: Here is what I recommend Jerry...

Go to the Google search engine page and type in the keyword search phrase GOLD SNIPING. Learn to be a Gold Sniper! That is actually my favorite form of gold mining now.

A good sniper (Or crevicer) can usually find more than 1/4 oz. of gold per day, and often quite a bit more. The beauty of this is that your entire outlay for equipment is way less $100.

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Mar 23, 2017
Crevicing/Sniping Tools!!!
by: Lost Adams

Here are some pics of some of my tools.

I Keep my tools kit down to 40-60lbs and can fit the Backpack and two plastic containers in my picture at How I mined gold on $1600 grubstake and $250 a month on this forum.

Get Underwater Sniping for Gold by Sam Radding and Jim Garlock isbn:0972612815

I use a Small 6.5" x 36" mini flare Sluice Box. To process gravel I use the Rake in the Pics and reduce the gravel to -1" In the underwater Crevice after removing the big rocks. Then I shovel the remainder into a 1/3 30gal barrel with my 1/2" screen in it. After Classifying the gravel to -1/2"

I repeat till There is a 3gal Bucket full ready to transport to the Sluice Box. I carry two of these to the Sluice and process them. After All the Gravel and Fines are out of the Bottom of the crevice I use a Whisk Broom to sweep (underwater) the fines to a low spot in the crevice and then use the trowel and Plastic Scoop to clean out the rest.

I then Sweep again and use the Big Suction Guns to clean up the rest. If need be I can use the Battery Acid Bulb Sucker to get into small cracks in the water. This method allows me to Classify the Gravel Overburden Quickly.

I can have a Crevice at the edge of the water 12-18" deep and 3-4ft long processed in 3-4 hours and DO Not Need a Motor and or Noise. It is Very Southing to the Soul to not have to pack hundreds of pounds of Equipment and Fuel and ??? in to the creek. Also If you want you can leave your Tools in overnight and no one will usually mess with them. You can also Hide them Underwater.

Sincerely, Bill "Lost Adams"

Jun 12, 2010
by: Jack


Stan is right. Sniping is by far the easiest and cheapest way to find gold. I have done it successfully on my claim in southern Oregon. Here is all you need. A screw driver that you don't mind ruining. A couple of old spoons, an old knife that you have bent the end to allow you to scoop out cracks,a gold pan, possibly a stiff brush. with these tools, you can walk a gold bearing creek, and working the cracks and crevices, find enough gold to pay yourself well.

I have thousands of dollars invested in metal detectors and other equipment, but all you really need are a few hand tools, and a gold bearing stream, and enough sense to work the cracks and crevices.

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