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This is how I discovered my Secret Sampling System several decades ago…

I was camped out at a GPAA event with about 50 or 60 other prospectors. We attended classes put on by George Massie, Pete Kuippers and others. Overall, it was very fun and educational. Then the time finally came to go gold prospecting on the river.

My friend and I decided to go sluicing as we did not have a dredge with us. I was still a newbie and hardly even knew how to run a gold pan. We set up our sluice with a pretty good angle and water flow. We began removing dirt and gravel, and fed the sluice at a near perfect rate.

We stopped and cleaned out the sluice about once every hour or so. This went on for a few hours. Every time we panned the concentrates, we got nothing, nada, zip, a big goose egg. I honestly began to believe that there was no gold in the Stanislaus River! It makes me laugh out loud to remember that I actually believed that at the time.

Eventually, George and Big John came walking down our path and checked in to see how we were doing. I was a little bit embarrassed to tell them that we had not even come up with a tiny flake. I actually told them that I didn’t think there was any gold in that particular area. The moment I said that, both George and Big John broke out in super loud laughter. They each nearly cried as they were laughing so hard.

Finally, they calmed down a bit and cast a glance upriver and down. They surveyed the lay of the land for a moment. Then, borrowing my pick and shovel, they walked about 50 feet away from the river. I wondered where the hell they were going.

Big John picked and George shoveled. They filled my 5-gallon bucket with dirt in about 3 minutes. We went down to the sluice and George fed the material through my sluice rather quickly. I was surprised when George told me to go ahead and clean out the sluice after emptying the bucket only about 5 minutes after the dig. I felt a bit of stress that the clean-up would likely result in another big zero.

George and Big John smiled when they saw my ineptness in running my gold pan. But, they were patient with me.

I nearly passed out from shock when I saw a quarter ounce gold nugget appear in my pan! And there was also a whole bunch of little pickers in there as well!

I never forgot that life-changing experience and I never will. It changed everything for me.

Since that life-changing event, I have tested and mined on hundreds of pay-streaks and gravel bars, all over North, Central and South America. I have learned to copy what I learned from George and Big John that day. My Secret Sampling System works on any gold-bearing river in the world.

Allow me to share a life-time of gold prospecting experience with you in one simple, 30-page report. It could save you months or years. It could even make you wealthy.

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