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Stan, may question for you is regarding obtaining FINANCIAL BACKERS for recovering treasure.

I two very good sites in Central Mexico. All the Signs and Symbols and the Omega Rock are present at one site. The other site shows a very large old cross on one side of a large rock.

How do you convince potential investors your site has would have a very good return on their investment ?


Stan's response: Great question! First off, for treasure projects, I have always tried not to use investors. It is complicated.

It is different for gold projects that are 100% legal and include claims (concessions), legal documentation, written business plans, etc.

Either way, for me, it is usually best to look for either friends, or friends of friends as money sources. Here is a minimum of what you want to have in hand before meeting likely financiers:

1. A written, specific plan with all but the secret details of the exact location. This plan should include a detailed history of the treasure and why it is still there. The plan should also include how the treasure is to be divided.

2. Any necessary permissions of landowners if that applies. You need to show your investor that once recovered, a reasonable percentage of the treasure will legally be theirs.

3. A written partnership agreement that details every possible scenario that could appear. Of course, this agreement is subject to negotiation so that all parties are satisfied. Once signed, the agreement should be notarized.

Once you have your documentation in hand, you can put the word out. Have a one-page document ready to hand (or send) to likely prospects that will get their juices flowing. Send out e-mails to all your possible contacts. Offer a "finder's fee" for well-connected friends.

Be very careful with whom you decide to work. Make sure that you know all about the person. Check out their background. Treasure Hunting has a way or attracting nefarious individuals.

Good Luck!

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Jun 24, 2010
Why backing or partners?
by: Jack

Hi, I felt inclined to respond to this posting as the person who posted it is from my home town, Vancouver Washington.

What makes it necessary to have financial backers or even partners? Are you expecting it to be expensive to recover this 'treasure", or are there people to pay off?

How much do you anticipate your financial requirements to be?

Why do you feel partners are required?

Is it too big of a job for one person?

I am curious for several reasons. I think Stan is right, you need a plan, and be willing to share that plan withholding the location of course. A history of the treasure, and why you think it is still there is vital.

I look forward to finding out more.

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