Exploring a "New" 4,000 Year-Old City Site. SERIOUS ADVENTURERS ONLY !!

I have found an "Ancient City" site being destroyed by new buildings going up. I am armed with my MINELAB 4500 and am looking to get some people to come help document all we can before this ancient city is completely wrecked by the new condominiums that are going in. The tombs are being ripped open and destroyed by heavy equipment with no care to the contents.

I would love to hear any response to this and really would like to gather a team to come help me document and catalog all the finds.

If you are near Portoviejo, Ecuador for this month of MAY, please respond and we can possibly meet up for some rare discoveries.

I would love to get some aerial footage (drone?) to get a better take on the area. I have only scraped the surface here.

Stan's response: I spoke with Jared this morning on the phone. This is an amazing opportunity for serious detectorists anywhere within traveling distance. Jared knows this area better than any other adventurer alive.

If you have read "The Treasure Hunter" by Howard Jennings, you may have some idea of what is to be discovered from this neighboring culture.

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Have Deep Scanner Nemfis AEMP-14
by: Anonymous

Hello Jared,

I have a very good machine for this kind of work, a Nemfis AEMP-14 (electro-magnetic profiler). It can see 7 meter into the ground. It is very good the first 8 ft.

I'm interested for sure but would like more info. You can contact me at: luke040116@gmail.com I'm in Ecuador.


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