Explore placer gold

by Karar

Hi, I want to know how to prospect and explore this type of gold and the type of good equipment I will use.

Stan's response: If you are referring to our El Dorado gold mining project in Ecuador, you would first visit the site during your Due Diligence visit. At that point, you would pan the gravels in a number of different places and at different depths. From those results, you can easily calculate how many grams of gold you can expect to recover from a known volume of gravel.

Once you go to work, you would lease an excavator and process your gravels in a wash plant. You could expect to easily process about 250 cubic meters of gravel each day.

If your gravel contains one gram of gold per each cubic meter of gravel, you would be producing 1/4 of a kilogram (more than 8 ounces) of gold each day.

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