Evolution of a New Gold Mine
in El Dorado, Ecuador


This project has now been fully subscribed and is no longer able to accept new participants.

Due to local security issues for our miners, we will not be publishing anymore photos or videos of ongoing gold production.


This page represents the evolution of our new alluvial gold mining project in the El Dorado district, deep in the jungles of southern Ecuador. After quite a few bulk tests in the general area to make sure that results are uniform, this new pilot mine operation is currently being set up.

Test mining will begin in the coming week: October 27 - 31, 2010. I will be posting new photos and videos as the project progresses.

There are 10 unique, rich, 2-hectare parcels available at this site for immediate mining. If you are interested, please download the Free Information Package for all of the details. Come make your Due Diligence visit so that you can get started gold mining before the end of the year.

Always feel free to share your questions and comments.



Deeper Test Results!

Deeper Test With Excavator

This Is the Site of Our 10 Concessions

First Step - Surface Prospecting

Large Pump Builder for Our Wash Plants

Small Bulk Test in August 2010

Local Market Place - 1/2 hour from the Gold Concessions

Brand New Main Water Pump Being Landed near the Beach

Prospector's Camp - Kitchen, Lodging for 8
and Secure Storage - $3,000 to Build

Moving Equipment to a New Test Site

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Preferred Wash Plant Manufacturer

Returning From a
Successful Gold Prospecting Trip

Gold Explorer's Camp - Total Cost = $3

Wash Plant Reassembly at the New Mining Site

Surface Test Results

Slightly Deeper Test Results!

Setting up for a New Test

Shallow Test Pit

Wash Plant Being Landed for Reassembly


Wash Plant Reassembly on the Beach

Testing With Pump and Sluice

The Mine Site


Week of October 25, 2010

Wash Plant Passes the Integrity Test After Reassembly

First Day of Testing

Getting Ready for the Clean Up

Moving the Wash Plant to Its Working Location

Wash Plant in Full Operation


Week of November 1, 2010

Two Excavators = Double the Production!

Clean Up Time = Pay Day!

A Second Excavator Joins the Operation

Concentrates Being Amalgamated

Gold from Clean-Up Weighing In at Approx. 300 Grams

Gold Sold This Morning in this Form at $44.00 per Gram!

One Button is an Amalgam Sponge.

The Other Button is a Full Melt.

Either Form is Easily Sold For Cash!


Week of November 14, 2010

Crossing the River When Low

The Crew



We are now entering into Phase II of our El Dorado Alluvial Gold Mining Project. Two concession areas have already been sold. They will each be in profitable daily gold production by November 25, give or take a few days. Photos and videos of these operations will begin being posted in December.

The next Due Diligence visit is scheduled and already filled up. It will take place during the second week of December. We have 3 people who will be attending. If their reaction is anything like the first 2 attendees, the first half of this project will already be sold out before the New Year begins.

We expect that sales of the last half of the project will likely take place with those who are already on site mining as they will want to expand their production in the coming year. If you are thinking of getting in on this amazingly profitable opportunity, I would urge you to take some pretty serious action in the very near future. I am always available on the Forum and by email to answer your questions and help make this opportunity a reality for you.


Meeting With Friendly Local Land Owners

After a Recent Rain, You'll Never Guess

Where These Rainbows Were Pointing!

A Recent Lunch Meeting With Stan, the New Mine Owners,

Operators and Attendees of the Upcoming Due Diligence Visit

Excitement Builds in the Group

La Compania is the Jesuit church in Quito where you can see 7 tons of gold displayed on the walls and ceilings. Much of this gold was mined in the 1500's from the exact area where our gold mining concessions are located. The area was known as Logrono in the ancient past.

After Lunch, We Visited La Compania

The Sight of all of this El Dorado Gold is Absolutely Stunning!


This project has now been fully subscribed and is no longer able to accept new participants.

Due to local security issues for our miners, we will not be publishing anymore photos or videos of ongoing gold production.



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