Ecuadorian Spanish / Spanish of days gone by

by David

Hello Stan,

When it comes to treasure hunting, I can never just sit around doing nothing. I am either researching or learning new things.

My question: Is there a particular type of Spanish to learn that would be better for living and adapting to the Ecuadorian culture and people.

What do you recommend? There are many Spanish language learning cd's, etc. and schools.

I had a friend in my university days that was a grad student studying the old Spanish language which she claimed was quite a bit different from the Spanish of today.


Stan's response: I can't imagine living in Latin America and not learning to speak Spanish. And yet, so many gringos don't put in the effort. Thanks for your most excellent question David.

The Spanish spoken and taught in Quito, Cuenca and Loja is some of the best Spanish on the planet. Everyone learns differently. Some students do better in a classroom, some with one-on-one coaching and some do better with self-study. You must discover what works best for you.

I prefer self-study. I have thrived on the Pimsleur System and Duolingo which is free and online. It also helps to have an Ecuadorian wife who doesn't speak much English.

Again, this is a very personal matter. That said, one needs to put in time nearly everyday and even suffer a bit if one is to advance to the point of being able to freely converse with strangers.

For me, being able to communicate with the locals has been one of the most important ways to discover gold, treasure, lost cities and cheap beer.

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language sets
by: David


I asked Pimsleur which set they recommended. Their comment below:


Thank you for contacting, the official store of the Pimsleur Language Programs.

The dialect primarily spoken in Ecuador would be the Latin American Spanish program. For more information on the two different dialects, please follow the link below:

I hope this helps.


Website concerning Ecuador and learning the language
by: David


I discovered this site. It seems very informative. If you have time, I would like your opinion.



Stan's response: Yes, it is very informative. You should also subscribe to the Gringo Tree and Cuenca High Life daily, online newsletters.

Plain Weird
by: David


Well, since you have lived in Ecuador several years, weird pushes me toward Latin America Spanish though there are contrary opinions that suggest that like Argentina, Ecuador's language has it roots in Castilian.

However, you are right. Pure Castilian turns heads in Latin America. It is that different.

I wonder if the old maps you offer are written in Castilian since that would have been what the early Spanish explorers would have spoken and written as it was the language of the royals and the Church at that time.


Castillian or Latin American
by: David


My research shows a difference in the basis of Spanish spoken in South America.

Which basis of Spanish lessons would be better to establish a base line for Ecuadorian Spanish - Castilian or Latin American?

Pimsleur offers both.


Stan's response: For me, I decided to specialize in exploring Central & South America. Therefore, the Latin American version of Spanish was a no-brainer.

Castilian, the original, just sounds plain weird to me.

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