Ecuador Real Estate

by William Kilgore
(Bristol TN. USA)

Dear Stan, I have been hearing more and more about the excellent opportunity to buy land in Central Ecuador. I would appreciate your perspective and comparisons to Cuenca and Quito.

Stan's response: Hey William! It is great to hear from you.

Yes, in my opinion, buying land "outside" of Cuenca may be one of the greatest investment opportunities of our time. There are several reasons why.

First, for many years now, Cuenca has consistently been named the best retirement destination in the world. This is well-justified as it is simply amazing in so many ways. However, Cuenca has now been thoroughly invaded by gringos and the real estate prices have subsequently skyrocketed.

Second, there are still great tracts of beautiful land available outside of Cuenca, from .5 to 2 hours by car. There are both developed and undeveloped properties to be purchased at prices that are almost embarrassingly low.

For people who want to be within an hour or so of the big city, but who also want to live the independent country lifestyle, this is the perfect place!

We are just beginning to see the first signs of some gringos migrating outside of Cuenca in our neck of the woods. Land prices are still cheap though. It is a very good time to look for a piece of heaven on earth here.

I believe we will see land prices multiply dramatically in our area within the next 2 - 5 years as more gringos discover our closely-guarded secret. My gringo neighbors will probably want to kill me for revealing this. :-)

If you want or need any more information on the subject, I'll be glad to help you with more details.

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real estate
by: william kilgore

Dear Stan,

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately my auto correct mislead you. I typed CENTRA.NOT CENTRAL. Your perspective of that city is what I was truly after.

Stan's response: Hi William, I have never heard of Centra, Ecuador. Do you have any further information on it or its location within the country?

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