by John Smith
(Pensacola, Fl.)

Stan, Greetings, I pray all is well with you and yours. I saw the news and was concerned for the safety of you and all in your circle. Let us know you have fared well through this disaster.

My thoughts are with you and the good people of Ecuador!!! Best Regards, John

Stan's response: Thanks for your concern John. Your message is greatly appreciated.

We had a nice long shake last night, but no damage or injuries. Fortunately, we live in an extremely stable area of South America that has never had an earthquake greater than 4.5 in recorded history. The northern part of Ecuador and the coast are highly subject to killer quakes.

I'll be back with a newsletter in a couple of days.

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New gold
by: William Kilgore

Well if there is a bright side to an earthquake. The area hit may have some fresh gold deposited up the fault lines.

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