Discovery Training

by John

Stan, This is a most helpful addition to valuable knowledge already distributed. We have discussed many times the value of research before hitting the field. Using books and paper took maybe 40 hrs. research for every hr in the field. Just a guess for success? This information is a godsend for anyone who wants to find virtually anything! You hit this one out of the park! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication over the years to the "QUEST"!

As a boy of 10 I watched a cartoon named Johnny Quest it was a major contributor to my interest in adventure and its possible rewards.

In other areas of the site I have mentioned some of my successes all of which I owe directly to Your training programs I purchased over 10 years ago! The latest information I consider a gift considering the price! Again, Many Thanks! As expected I had to do my part and try. But armed with the proper relevant information I was able to be successful.

I had my 64th birthday Aug. 21 the day of the eclipse. I have the greatest gift of good health and that is due to my research on aging that started over 25 years ago. I take no prescribed meds and enjoy good flexibility. I do however take a combination of amino acids and berry extracts to stimulate stem cell growth and remove cholesterol from the veins. I stretch like a cat daily (even and old tiger is a tiger) to maintain flexibility. What a blessing to still be able to move well!
I am beginning to ramble so Drive on STAN!
Warmest Regards John

Stan's response: Thank you so much for the kind words John. Happy Birthday! I think Johnny Quest had a pretty strong affect on my life too. Keep up the great work and the great life.

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