December 21, 2012

by W Kilgore
(Bristol,TN. USA)

First Contact; The beginning not the end; The world as we know it will end but through "FIRST CONTACT" A "NEW AGE" and New World Order will begin. I hope I make it to that day.

Stan's response: Could you please give us a reference for that quote?

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Nov 19, 2009
Human Life Will Never Be Lost Or Changed
by: Ken

You're looking at a false God and words stuck in
the wrong places. We didn't come to follow a pile of dirt named adam

Our knowledge of history of who we are descendents of because of an adam and of who we are with, and have ancestors start with the human's life in Genesis, Chapter 5 and can never be lost and can never be changed or taken by a false god or an idol or another human after a promise given to Noah by God - in Genesis, Chapter 9.

Stan's response: Hi Ken, Unfortunately, I really do not understand your comment at all. Therefore, I am unable to respond with a comment. But, in the interest of openly publishing opinions from all sides, I am publishing your contribution. Thanks for your interest... Stan

May 23, 2009
Reference Quote
by: W Kilgore

There is none, only my own observations and physic ability. I have had many physic experiences. Too many have developed for this ability to be coincidental. Although I refrain from developing it to its full potential, from time to time I foresee certain happenings but rarely, except for here do I make predictions.

My thoughts with this matter are fueled by the necessity for teachers to help ancient civilizations develop. Their science and technology was simply too advanced for them to have developed their skills without some form of extraterrestrial assistance. I am convinced that the Mayan Calender describes their return and the beginning of this New Age, not the end of time.

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