Currently in Ecuador and looking for some ideas.

by Henryk Majewski

I have been traveling through Central and South America for a year now. I am currently in Ecuador riding north and checking out the beaches. Before I found this website I heard about gold and hidden treasures in Ecuador.

A few weeks ago I decided to have go. I purchased Minelab Excalibur II and I am waiting for its arrival. My initial plan was to do beach hunting and learn how to swing my new toy.

Stan, I bought your book and this broadened my ambitions. Now I would like to search for gold too. I am a seasoned traveler with basic knowledge of Spanish. I don't have hands on experience in gold prospecting.

I have done a lot reading and have pretty good idea what is involved. I am looking for some ideas and preferably a partner with some hands on experience so we can watch each other backs.

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Cheers, Henryk

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May 20, 2012
Hello Henryck
by: Jack

Hello Henryck,

If you are still in the area of Manta or south of there, contact me, and perhaps we can meet and discuss your plans. I have a number of metal detectors, including an Excalibur 1000. I also have a fair amount of experience mining gold here in Ecuador.



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