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This course will definitely not be for everyone. It all depends on what you think of Viracocha and his teachings I guess. The more I have studied Viracocha from more than a hundred different historical accounts, the more impressed I have become about who he really was and the amazingly powerful effect he seemed to have had on many of the inhabitants of South America.

Tradition holds that Viracocha was a great teacher and miracle worker. He completely transformed a great portion of the South American population in a relatively short period of time. It is said that Viracocha taught science, engineering, architecture, sculpture, math, medicine, astronomy, law, harmony in relationships, sex , and many other things.

Interestingly, Viracocha’s teachings were incredibly similar to those of other, so-called “enlightened teachers” from over the ages. In fact, I have found dozens of significant similarities between Viracocha, Quetzoquatl, Buddha, Krishna, Christ and more than a half dozen other noteworthy teachers from history. Further, many of these teachers were referred to as The Son, or, The Sun. Interesting.

Before getting much further along in this e-course, I should probably make things transparently clear about where I am coming from personally as far as belief systems go. Some may find my position offensive or naïve, while others may agree with my views to a large extent. If you don’t like what I have to say, you may want to discontinue this course right now so as to not waste your time or run the risk of being offended.

I am an investigator trying to be as open-minded as possible about my findings without going weirdly “New Age” in any single direction. As an investigator, I need evidence before I openly accept anything. I do not accept anything on “blind faith” alone. I was raised from birth to believe in “blind faith”. However, repetitive, difficult, life experiences taught me that blind faith can be a very dangerous thing. Since I changed my beliefs about blind faith, my life has grown dramatically and continuously better. For me, results are what count.

Evidence can come in many forms. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something completely tangible that I can hold in my hand. My favorite example would be electricity. We use it, we control it, we can predict its behavior and its results; but I have never seen electricity, only its results. Electricity works for me, so far.

“And what about Quantum Physics?,” I ask you. Wow, now I’m really opening up a can of worms. Could it really be that most everything we see on earth is an illusion? Is it true that there is nothing solid in our world and that everything consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies? Have our five senses been lying to us all along? Do we really live in a holographic universe? What’s up with that?

There is pretty much only one thing I really know. And that is that the more I learn, the more humble I become that I really don’t know much about anything. But, I do want to learn. I am very curious about everything. I have learned to maintain an open mind. Because the very moment I begin to think and believe that I know stuff, soon after, I receive new information that changes my perspective yet again.

OK, probably enough said about me and my personal perspective of so-called “truth” and the apparent “universe”. I hope you are still with me and open-minded enough to continue exploring some interesting things that I have discovered and that seem to be working comfortably for me in my life. I am always pleased to hear your perspective as well. Send me an e-mail if you would like to get something off your chest, positive or negative.

I would like to start off in lesson 1 with a broad collection of historical snippets about Viracocha. These tidbits come from a wide variety of sources. Some are from the Spanish chroniclers, who had their own, highly-tainted point of view. Many come from South American Natives of all types and cultures that I have interviewed personally. Wow, what an interesting mix that has been! I have also thrown in some perspectives that have come down through some very old "writings" that have nothing to do with the Spanish influence.

After we get a nice, broad overview of Viracocha, we can then begin to hone in on what it was that he did that had such a profound effect and caused such a drastic change with the ancient people of South America. Lastly, I will present specific applications of his teachings for you to try on personally and see what you think.

Welcome to an interesting new perspective on ancient knowledge!

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