Conditioning About Money

For 43 years of my life I was running around with a conditioning about money that made it impossible to become financially free. When somebody talked about conditioning, paradigms or how our childhood, school, media, etc. have programmed us, I said "Yeah,I know", but I really didn't.

I started really to look behind and questioning many old believes when my life broke apart. Julia Cameron in "The artists way" and T. Harv Eker in "The millionaire mind" and "The Secret" especially what Bob Proctor teaches were a real turning point in my life.

As I began to think for myself, see how stupid some of my programmings about money, art, health, sex, etc., etc. are?

I think the most important thing to become financially free is to look why we are not yet, what beliefs we run around with, what painful experiences we had about money, what is burned deep inside our subconscious.

If we want to get in a journey to any destination, we always have to know our starting point and our exact goal. It's also helpful to see possible hindrances and ways to overcome them.

The starting point was the most difficult for me, as a lot of painful memories about money are hidden deep inside or old programmings come from early childhood and here already for four decades.

This soul striptease can be difficult as we "protect" ourselves from painful things. I'll put my pants down a bit to show what I mean:
- after war depression growing up, seeing my parents suffering about money, talking about "these" rich bas..., hear them talk about money makes people bad, the only way to get money is to work hard for it, it's not good to have too much either as somebody has less - church: "It's better to give than to take" (The real translation from the bible is: "It's better to be in the position to give than be in the position to take" by the way) - modeling: the only rich guy I knew was my uncle who was financially well off, but scary, bad-tempered and in all other aspects very poor - unworthiness/pain: seeing other kids getting things and I didn't - lack of information: in school, high school, university nothing about multiple sources of income, passive income, cash-flow, money consciousness, money management etc.

In +- 20000 hours - media: again mostly the rich bastard,the criminal, the Hollywood guy who has money but have to give up everything for it, the huge companies and associations running the country abusing power, money - pain: through loosing a friend because of money, seeing a divorce with nasty fights about money, money stolen, money I didn't give to very poor people living in the dirt, - embarrassment: entry denied because not having money,having no car to get a girlfriend around with me - decision: fun or wok and money,spirituality or money,creativity or money, etc.etc.

But it's not about complaining or excuses, it's about what is deep inside stored (what our subconsciousness stores is very simple: money = pain, embarrassment, negative,bad ,) even if I say I would like to have more or I know.
That are my obstacles,my starting point to question,reprogram myself

With these old beliefs deep inside how likely is it that I would attract money, that my intuition would lead me to good opportunities and act on them, that I become financially free when so much pain and stupid believes are there?
Close to zero. No wonder that 80% of all lottery winners are broke after a couple of years when they have been before.

Becoming aware is one thing recheck,reprogram is a long way that needs persistence,learning, looking for good models that are living that way, but I know I will never go back to the "old" remote controlled state.

Just defining rich as wealthy, health, happy,sharing instead of just being financially rich made a huge difference already.

Goal-setting is as important. A clear goal, checked for resistances,things hat are maybe not in alignment with my deeper wants.........

Stan's response: Wow, I couldn't agree with you more!

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