Coca Leaf Chewing and Activation

by Anonymous

What do you use to activate the coca? Are the coca leaves or plant legally available in El Norte?

Stan's response: I actually take the coca leaf particles from tea bags that I purchase in Health Food Stores in Quito.

I cut open the tea bag and empty the contents into my cheek. I then mix a pinch of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) into the coca and begin chewing gently. The idea is to let the mixture brew a bit without swallowing many of the leaf particles.

After a while, a subtle numbness sets into the mouth and tongue. That is how you know it is working. Coca helps to bolster energy, especially at higher altitudes. It also suppresses the apatite.

I don't know if coca leaves are legal or not in El Norte. You might check with the local police.

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Feb 03, 2013
It's Not Lime, It Is Limestone to Activate the Coca Leaves
by: Anonymous

It's limestone that they use to fertilize plants...

Oct 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

I would NOT recommend asking your local police department in los estados about the legality of coca. It's not legal. Expect to get about the same reaction you would for asking if cocaine is legal. Of course coca is not at all the same thing, but that's how it's treated in the US.

May 21, 2010
Another option
by: Douglas

My wife is Colombian. She said the natives there chew coca leaves with a mix of powdered lime. The caveat is that lime is extremely abrasive to the teeth. When you look at the teeth of natives who use coca with lime, their teeth are usually heavily worn. The longer they've been at it, the more worn their teeth are.

Stan's response: Exactly right Douglas. Powdered lime has been used to activate the coca leaves for thousands of years. I prefer baking soda to help avoid the abrasion. Further, I only chew about once a month or so when I am on an arduous trek.

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