Chile... is a land of opportunity?

by Jim

Hello All!!!

Got a question. I have been thinking of if I were to leave my home country where would I go and what would I do for $$$.

Seems teaching English is always a good default way to start making money.

Someone I know said Chile is 10X's better to teach English in than Ecuador.

Has anyone lived in Chile recently and if so were you working there.

Did you meet Expat English teachers? How were they fairing and how happy where they about Chile?

Would love to hear your experiences and insights.


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Jun 06, 2017
by: Jim

Thank you for the Chile teaching English information!

That is good news if I can arrange to go there.

I am currently investigating what certificates would be good to have. There is a very knowledgeable woman who has a how-to program I am considering purchasing. Her name is Kary Vannice.

I also have found a good English grammar and usage how-to course that is super affordable. To think, it is much less than all those English textbooks I purchased in school, and that I purchased post-grad.

With those two items obtained, mastered, and put into action I think I could go about the world teaching.

I had longed for Asia but so much of it is extremely tropical or extremely primitive, or downright in the flight path of a missile!

South America could be the place to go. I am a bit too old for romance so I don't have that in mind as a consideration as I use to when i when to Asia.

I would like a place that is safe, prosperous, and also a country I can afford and legally own land.

In the US, even in nowhere places a home and land are getting pricey. Then there is the question of earning some income and what type of life is there in "nowhere."

I think if you based yourself in South America and had a home and income and affordable health care then you could fly and vacation anywhere around the world for that sense of international adventure.

What do other people think???

Look forward to hearing what other people have to say and have experienced!!


Jun 06, 2017
That group
by: Jim


I thought they were called the Shining Path and that they were in Peru....

But you make a good point to check out all the concerns of a country.

Jun 06, 2017
Chile Respects Justice
by: Anonymous

Shinning light was in Peru wrong Country
Something like that would last about 15 mins in Chile .. Back when Argentina was kidnapping just about everyone that was worth more than 100 bucks.. 2 bosos decided to try it in Chile . it was about 15 mins after the ransom was asked for that all offending parties were dead ..
You may not like living in a country Where the Police are really good at what they do but I found it refreshing..

Chilian police do not mess around and are not one bit concerned about being Politically correct but they do get the respect of the people they serve.. I lived there for years never had a problem. I grew up in Detroit so I know what a bad place can be like.. Nothing like that in Chile

Jun 06, 2017
Shining Light
by: David

Hello all,

This is where I show my age and very possibly my ignorance.

Long time back, there was a small group who said they had received information on an archeological discovery in Chile and that they needed an adventurous person with a good camera. I looked past all the big smiles and wagging tails and said "Tell me a little about this."

There was a lot about the awesome opportunity and the chance to rewrite history but very little about financial backing and safety. A-huh?

I asked about my expenses and some money for my efforts. You would of thought I had just broke wind during the sermon at church. It seemed that an unspoken desire for the group was that I would pay my own way and contribute to their kitty for the opportunity I had been offered.

That brings me to my question here, Safety.

I dug a little deeper into Chile and, here, I hope I am not drifting into the edges of "old-timers". The shadow lurking in the bushes was a group of not so merry marauders called "The Shining Light" that delighted in relieving any one who came close enough of their valuables and their life not necessarily in that order.

Does this group still exist? Even the USA states how safe the US is but people still end up dead or in the Emergency Room. Safe overall is not always safe for the individual. Expats stand out like a bright light in the middle of the passing locals.

So I ask "Define Safe". I hope I do not find myself PNG now.

Jun 06, 2017
Chile teaching english
by: Anonymous

I have spent allot of time in Chile its a wonderful country. yes you can easily make money in Chile teaching English .. For many reasons
Chileans are well educated and have more money than any other SA country .. the place is very modern well run and safe.. there are very few expats so Native speakers are a bonus to most schools.. but in truth you could make more just doing private teaching.. I lived in Chile 4 years Live in Ecuador now .. But I want to go back and live in Patagonia again amazing place.

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