Captain Keith Plaskett, Underwater Explorer - Peru

by Capt. Keith Plaskett
(Northern Peru comments on the 8-Point Star in Ecuador)

It appears to me to be a communications ring between long distances. These messages sent from mountain top to mountain top are lines of site, which may have been used to warn of "dangers and other relevant happenings" between the peoples of the ancient cities. The American Indians went to the top of the highest ground to signal and communicate with other tribes using a smoke method. The Inca and Pre-Inca may have used sun reflectors to do the same, Just a thought...

Stan's response: This is a most interesting idea. I have seen a number of pre-Columbian obsidian mirrors/reflectors in museums and private collections. Thanks Keith.

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Aug 07, 2015
Navy Dive School Question
by: Capt. Keith Plaskett

AJ, I attended US Navy Special Warfare School ¨EOD¨ Indian Head Maryland, Started with 130 in Class, 5 of us finished a year later.

Aug 07, 2015
Panama City or the Navy Yard
by: A J

Curiosus about where you went to divers school. I thought the two man pontoon was rough but an island full of snakes, uh uh.

Oct 31, 2014
Discovery Channel
by: Capt. Keith

Hi Stan,
Was recently picked up by DC to make amovie in Brazil early next year. I would like to chat with you privately.

Will email you.

Dec 19, 2011
by: Capt Keith

Hi Stan, I wrote you earlier letting you know I motored the Research Vessel up from Peru for a little Sport fishing and R&R and we are here in Salinas. I just found out we have the contract with the Gov. to survey a couple of potential shipwreck sites.

Also the Last time I was in Lima I visited the Lands office and acquired maps of the Northern Amazon area that we have discussed. I have a friend who's buddy ministers medicine to the Indians and we are planning an expedition up the river and to the potential area we need to explore. There is an Indian tribe living the region. So, the plan is to help them and see what they may know. You are welcome to join us,it will be sometime in the first half of 2012...

Take Care, have a great Holiday Season!!

Thanks Cptn. Keith! See you early next year...Stan

Apr 19, 2010
A Good Friend of Yours
by: Iliana

Hi Keith please write me to my e-mail

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