Bored at Work

by Charlie
(Bear's Den, Alaska)

I am completely bored with my job. Most of the time I would rather step on a rusty nail than go to work. I have been passed over for promotions and there is little chance of transfer to a different department within the company. I slave (work) for... I'm ready for a "divorce" from my employer...

So with that in mind, I'd like to see some information on archaeology, cryptozoolgy and treasure hunting in Alaska.

I'm working on a master's degree in archaeology now (as a means of escape from my job), but I don't really want to end up teaching college level classes and only getting three months during the summer to go "dig" on a site.

I have some experience in video, so combining that with my interest in archaeology and cryptozoology, I came up with a few ideas of making adventure style videos with an archaeology or cryptozoology theme and trying to sell them to the Discovery Channel or National Geographic for a little income. Any information about making adventure videos would be good too.

Stan's response: I think you are definitely on the right path Charlie. Simple video production is something we'll be discussing in these pages.

Soon, sites like YouTube will allow you to start charging people for viewing your video productions. This will be a HUGE trend and give all of us yet another revenue source for Wealth Through Adventure!

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May 31, 2010
Bored at work....
by: Rob in AZ

I am a videographer and an archaeologist! We are on the same track...

Perhaps we could find an expedition that would let us join them to film what it involves to go "treasure hunting".

I was once supposed to go and film an expedition of Stan's (with a CO videographer) but the trip was postponed and then I never heard from the guy again. So.... I am still waiting for an opportunity which will come sooner or later.

Stan's response: You are probably refering to Mike from Colorado Rob. Mike spend a week with me here once and we had a great time shooting video all over the place.

We are careful with who films what on our expeditions. It would be nice to meet you and get to know you before making any firm plans.

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