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The Adventure Bookstore and the entire website is currently being remodeled. We are in the process of creating a whole new exciting lineup of interactive, multi-media products.

These new products will be both fun and highly instructive. They will include life-like simulations and games designed to help you learn faster and easier. We are using state-of-the-art technology to do all of this. Many of the products will have a free version so you can "test drive" before purchasing.

Most of all, our mission is to help you become free and independent of "the system" as quickly as possible. We want to help you live the life of fun, adventure and flexibility that you deserve. Here is some of what we will be offering to you:

1. We will help you to quickly find & acquire more gold and treasure than you ever have before. You should stack (hold on to) these assets for the future.

2. We will suggest specific portable, freedom machine income systems that allow you to live and work from anywhere in the world. You can depend on your income system to pay your monthly bills and to pay for your lifestyle.

3. We will help you to prepare for the difficult and turbulent economic times that are just around the corner. These preparations will help to keep you safe and comfortable during changing times.

Thanks for your patience as we

get up and running this year!

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Learn to Find 1/2 oz. of Ancient Gold per Day

“Learn to Find ½ oz. of Ancient Gold per Day”.

Would you like to find more and bigger gold than ever before?

Would you like to turn your hobby into a Professional Freedom Machine?

Ancient river channel gold deposits may lie just below your feet. Learn how to find them. Learn how to harvest them. Learn how to become an independent and free small gold miner. Learn how to use your metal detector to find gold nuggets faster than you ever thought.

The content of this course is based upon my 30 years of field experience in working with ancient river channel gold deposits in a half dozen different countries throughout North, Central and South America.

For me, ancient channel gold deposits have provided an adventurous and exciting lifestyle. I have met so many nice people and worked in some amazing and beautiful environments. I have even made a few bucks along the way.

Now I am ready to share my best secrets with you. I’ll show you where to go and what to do. This knowledge and experience can help you to develop a life skill that will set you free from the system. Once you become good at this, you can travel to and work in many different places and in different environments. You can work for yourself and decide your own destiny.

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NEW !!!

Find Gold Near Home This Week


Finally! Here is an e-book you can take to the bank. In the pages of his latest book, Stan shares all of his hard-won secrets from more than 5 decades of finding gold in many different places. Let Stan show you all of the very most likely and little-known places to search; there are more than 100 of them. Stan has personally found gold in each of the places listed in all eight chapters, and now you can too. Some places require and metal detector and many do not. Get out there and find your share of lost & hidden gold, near your home, this week!   (43 pages)

Click here to read more details... Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

BONUS!!! - 2 for 1

As a companion to my new e-book, I decided to assemble a collection of newspaper articles on the same topic. These historical articles illustrate many of the examples given in my book about different places where gold has been found near peoples' homes.

These articles are both fun and informative to read. However, even more importantly, they show you the reality of how much gold is really out there to be found.  (120 pages) is a worldwide leader in online payment services

How & Where to Find Gold in Ecuador


This double e-book package shows you exactly where almost all of the alluvial gold is in Ecuador. Armed with this information, you can drive right up to literally hundreds of locations and start panning right away.

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The Ultimate Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Package


The Ultimate Gold & Treasure Resource Guide for Ecuador anywhere in the world! This is a very rare collection of long-forgotten & rich sites all over the country.

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Complete Historical Ecuador Mining Documents Collection


Rare and complete collection of historical, Ecuadorian mining documents that have been published over hundreds of years. Some of my rare maps that list all of the old locations with their original names.

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Fight Dirty & Win Fast!


An Adventurer who regularly travels alone, may someday be confronted by an undesirable type or two, especially on the streets of the bigger cities. Now you can learn how to play hardball with just a dozen or so practice sessions. You don’t have to be a black belt to win the fight fast!

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6 Ways to Make $6,000 per Month
on Auto-Pilot
While You Travel the World


How would you like to earn a very comfortable "auto-pilot" income while you spend your time adventure traveling around the world? I personally use these methods to generate regular, auto-pilot income for myself so that I can spend the majority of my time as an adventurer.

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Outrageous Cheap & Free
Travel Secrets


Over decades of adventure travel, I have learned the Insider Secrets of how to travel cheap, and sometimes even free. This distilled knowledge has come from close friends who are pilots, flight attendants, airline customer service reps and travel agents. I now give this all to you!

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Master the Secret Techniques of
Persuasion, Seduction,
& Personal Magnetism


In order to become a wealthy and successful adventurer, it is necessary to be able to get the cooperation of other people. You may want to get a local Native to tell you where his family pans for gold. You may want a wealthy investor to finance your next expedition. You may want to get an old-timer to give you a copy of his secret treasure map. The list is endless. Learn everything in this training!

Take the free, mini-course here... Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by is a worldwide leader in online payment services

This e-course takes you by the hand from A - Z when it comes to finding lost coins, gold jewelry and caches. Of course Research is where it all starts. If you are not regularly swinging your search coil directly over the good stuff, you won't be nearly as successful as you could be, even with a great detector.

I started metal detecting in 1966 in Michigan with a Heath Kit model I built. I literally recovered 10's of thousands of silver coins and pieces of gold jewelry before I was 18 years old. Metal detecting quickly became my passion and I loved every minute of it.

Let me help you learn where to go, how to hunt and what to do with those beautiful treasures once they are safely out of the ground. 

Coming Soon in 2017!                           $47

Learn exactly how and where to metal detect for gold nuggets. This e-course teaches you how to discover the very best "coarse" gold-bearing rivers (both ancient & new) to search. What's more, you'll learn where in those places to look.

You'll also need the right recovery tools to turn those hot signals into tangible recoveries. Once you get the hang of this, you can pay for your detector and then some, in pretty short order.

The cover photo is of me in the desert near Quartzite, Arizona. I have recovered some great gold nuggets in the Western USA, Brazil & Ecuador. Most of them were collectible and worth much more than the price of gold.

You need the right detector, know how to run it and be in the right place to enjoy success!

Coming Soon in 2017!                            $47

You can run this "gold buying" method as a business almost anywhere in the world. The bigger the city, the more opportunity there is for volume. That said, I have had good success buying "junk gold", even in small cities.

To be successful, you need to know how and where to "put the word out". Then you need to know exactly how to quickly and correctly calculate the value of what you are buying. Finally, the negotiation process makes all the difference.

With this proprietary method that I have developed, once practiced properly, you should be able to buy at least 1/2 oz. of gold per day at half of world spot price, if you are diligent and working full-time at it.

Coming Soon in 2017!                            $47

It never ceases to blow me away how so many people either lose or forget their gold valuables in their home, their hotel room and in parking lots. Actually, I have a list of about 25 of the most likely places people are apt to lose their "goodies". If you know where and how to look, you can almost always come home with something of value.

Now, I will share an amazing secret with you that takes all of this to a much higher level! I have studied this phenomena for years and it continues to work for me daily. Unfortunately, I can not go into too much detail here, but I will send you in the right direction. Reticular Activating System.

Because I have trained my brain in a certain way, I easily find lost coins, jewelry and cash wherever I go, and that is without even trying. It happens as if automatically. Look it up. Do some research. See if I am not sharing a great secret with you.

Better yet, buy this e-course and get busy finding your own treasures right away!

Coming Soon in 2017!                            $47

This may be my absolute favorite method of finding gold. I love it because I can go on a day hike with only a small backpack and come home 1/4 oz. richer almost every time. My very best day was nearly 3 ounces.

As with all of the other methods, for this to work really well, you need to know exactly where to go and how to search. Once you have your favorite spots and know what you are doing, this is better than an ATM card from any bank. You are totally free! You never have to worry about money again.

This is an art and a science. It is not super easy to learn. It takes time and patience to get it right. With that said, spending that time was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Coming Soon in 2017!                           $47

I am going to be brutally honest here. This is definitely not my favorite gold finding method. It can be dark, dangerous and boring. My own track record shows 2 substantial successes out of about 300 attempts. The 300 attempts took more than 10 years! Not great odds.

However, it takes only one good result to make a lot of money if the situation is handled properly. You need to know who owns the mine shaft you are searching and how easy or difficult they may be to work with. You need to have geology, psychology, electronics and luck all working in your favor for this method to be worth your time and trouble.

That is me on the cover detecting an old Arizona mine shaft. The famous gold prospecting photographer Jim Mulkey took the shot. I remember that day well. I didn't find a thing.

Coming Soon in 2017!                           $47

I became fascinated with gold dredging in 1977. I opened a small retail store called The Prospector and began selling dredges, Keene and Gold Grabber models. I joined the GPAA and went to the Italian Bar on the Stanislaus River where George Massie taught me how to dredge for gold.

Not many years later, I dropped in on David McCraken in Happy Camp, California for a few days, just after he had written his first book on gold dredging. He went on to become a very well-known and successful gold dredger. He is still at it.

It took me a lot of searching to find some of my own little hot spots. But, once I did, I found that I could return time and time again for a substantial withdrawal from the other kind of bank. I have always loved SCUBA diving from a young age. I took to gold dredging easily. However, it is not for everyone. Do you like being underwater like I do?

My latest dredging venture led to a major gold discovery near Tena, Ecuador about 15 years ago. I ended up profiting very substantially from that 7-year adventure in the Amazon jungle. If this might be your thing, I can certainly show you how to get started.

Coming Soon in 2017!                           $47

This is a pretty cool business model. It can make you rich if you play your cards right and are kind of a "chemistry person". To make this work, you need to live near a gold-bearing area where small miners and gold dredgers are throwing away their black sand concentrates without realizing the values they hold. This is way more common than you might think.

In California, many years ago, I regularly came across piles and piles of black sands that had been thrown away by the miners. When I offered to haul them away while paying them a nominal fee, everyone thought I was nuts. You see, I had learned from the GPAA how to process those sands and pull ounces of gold out that nobody even knew were there.

I went on to learn some even more secret techniques from a small group of "old timers". They taught me how to use some inexpensive chemicals to burn black sands and complex ores at high temperatures in non-oxygen environments, unlocking the gold and making it easy to recover. Ever since, I have just loved chemistry!

Coming Soon in 2017!                           $47

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