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Our latest digital products in the Adventurer's Bookstore are both fun and highly instructive. Our mission is to help you become free and independent of “the rat race” as quickly as possible. We want to help you live the life of fun, adventure and independence that you deserve.

We offer you help if you prefer to work on your laptop. We suggest specific portable, freedom machine income systems that allow you to live and work from home or anywhere in the world. You can depend on your income system to pay your monthly bills and to pay for your freedom lifestyle.

We also offer help for you if you prefer to work in the field in adventurous pursuits. These pursuits might include gold prospecting, treasure hunting, expeditions to remote locations and much more.

Have a look around the store and discover something exciting! All of our products here are exclusively digital and ready for immediate download upon payment.
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Learn to Find 1/2 oz. of Ancient Gold per Day

“Learn to Find ½ oz. of Ancient Gold per Day”

Would you like to find more and bigger gold than ever before?

Would you like to turn your hobby into a Professional Freedom Machine?

Ancient river channel gold deposits may lie just below your feet. Learn how to find them. Learn how to harvest them. Learn how to become an independent and free small gold miner. Learn how to use your metal detector to find gold nuggets faster than you ever thought.

The content of this course is based upon my 30 years of field experience in working with ancient river channel gold deposits in a half dozen different countries throughout North, Central and South America.

For me, ancient channel gold deposits have provided an adventurous and exciting lifestyle. I have met so many nice people and worked in some amazing and beautiful environments. I have even made a few bucks along the way.

Now I am ready to share my best secrets with you. I’ll show you where to go and what to do. This knowledge and experience can help you to develop a life skill that will set you free from the system. Once you become good at this, you can travel to and work in many different places and in different environments. You can work for yourself and decide your own destiny.



Discover Anything!


When you successfully complete this new training course, “Discover Anything”, you will feel that you have new Superpowers​.​ ​You will know how to reach out, grab and correlate information from all over the world like never before.

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NEW !!!

Find Gold Near Home This Week

Finally! Here is an e-book you can take to the bank. In the pages of his latest book, Stan shares all of his hard-won secrets from more than 5 decades of finding gold in many different places. Let Stan show you all of the very most likely and little-known places to search; there are more than 100 of them. Stan has personally found gold in each of the places listed in all eight chapters, and now you can too. Some places require and metal detector and many do not. Get out there and find your share of lost & hidden gold, near your home, this week!   (43 pages)

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BONUS!!! - 2 for 1

As a companion to my new e-book, I decided to assemble a collection of newspaper articles on the same topic. These historical articles illustrate many of the examples given in my book about different places where gold has been found near peoples' homes.

These articles are both fun and informative to read. However, even more importantly, they show you the reality of how much gold is really out there to be found.  (120 pages)

How & Where to Find Gold in Ecuador

This double e-book package shows you exactly where almost all of the alluvial gold is in Ecuador. Armed with this information, you can drive right up to literally hundreds of locations and start panning right away.

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The Ultimate Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Package


The Ultimate Gold & Treasure Resource Guide for Ecuador anywhere in the world! This is a very rare collection of long-forgotten & rich sites all over the country.

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Complete Historical Ecuador Mining Documents Collection


Rare and complete collection of historical, Ecuadorian mining documents that have been published over hundreds of years. Some of my rare maps that list all of the old locations with their original names.

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Fight Dirty & Win Fast!


An Adventurer who regularly travels alone, may someday be confronted by an undesirable type or two, especially on the streets of the bigger cities. Now you can learn how to play hardball with just a dozen or so practice sessions. You don’t have to be a black belt to win the fight fast!

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