Blog 4 - February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016

Good Morning My Fellow Adventurers!

I hope you are already well in to a great week. I hope that progress with your plans and goals is moving along positively, a little further each day.

I received an email from a good friend yesterday. He lives in California. He is growing increasingly frustrated with how conditions are evolving economically and politically, both in the country and also in the world. He gets most of his news through the Alternative Media. In other words, he is reading about 80% of the truth, as opposed to the traditional media which is about 80% deception.

While I do not intend for my messages to you to get all political, I do feel the need to mention that very big changes will be occurring soon in our world, perhaps even this year. This is now a mathematical certainty. I believe it would be in our best interest to pay close attention to the following:

1. Establish a portable income (both digital & physical),

2. Reduce our monthly budget dramatically (realize a monthly surplus),

3. Acquire the physical possession of precious metals (silver is my favorite),

4. Get independent with our personal food and water supply,

5. Secure a safe and independent living space,

Here, at The Wealthy Adventurer, I prefer to put a strong and positive emphasis on acquiring gold & silver, establishing a portable income and being prepared with the basics of life. I will have much more to say in coming weeks on each of these topics.

Speaking of finding gold, please allow me to continue and finish the story I began last week...


There I was with Oraldo, looking upstream at an apparently rusty rock outcropping, just 20 yards away.

Once again, I asked Oraldo, "Are you sure there is no more gold beyond that rock?"

Oraldo responded, "I am sure. This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen."

You see, Oraldo was mostly an uneducated diamond prospector. He had only begun prospecting for gold a few years earlier. He was slightly experienced with alluvial gold and not at all familiar with hardrock gold sources.

We now turned our focus to that rock outcropping. It took only a few minutes to get there. As I reached out to touch the rock, a 3-pound piece easily broke off into the palm of my hand. As I brought that specimen in for a close look with my loupe...

What I saw is what many gold prospectors only dream of. The gold sparkle was so strong, I had to lower my loupe immediately. The specimen was a decomposing, milky quartz filled with oxidizing iron... and visible gold, lots of visible gold! The gold was quite evenly distributed throughout the specimen.

Then I looked at the large quartz outcropping. It was the same. Gold was shot everywhere throughout all of the rusty quartz. I must have been looking directly at several millions of dollars of gold ore.

The quartz outcropping turned out to be an 8-foot wide quartz vein running perpendicular to the small stream. The erosion of the stream had exposed the vein for a length of only 5 or 6 feet. I began to clear the jungle back on both sides of the stream. The vein continued beneath the jungle floor in both directions. Who could guess at the entire length and depth of the vein? (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute)

I took 4 samples from the vein and carefully stored them in sample bags. I placed the bags in my backpack and we began the long trek back to camp. As I look back at that experience, I only made one mistake that day... but it was a doozy! I missed the gleam in Oraldo’s eye.

Several days after my discovery, the plane flew into our camp with our weekly supplies. I flew out as my 3-week jungle shift had come to an end. I was back at my home base in Atlanta, Georgia in a couple of days.

After showing the quartz samples to my boss, he had me immediately take them to three different assayers around the city. By the way, nearby Dahlonega was part of the first gold rush in America in 1829. A few days later, as I spoke with the assayers about the results from my samples, they all nearly accused me of submitting fraudulent material to them.

Their overwhelming observation was that they had never seen such rich gold ore before. The samples ran in the range of gold values between 7 and 50 ounces to the ton of free-milling gold! We had a real-life bonanza on our hands. My boss was excited to cut my vacation time short and get me right back to Brazil in order to begin developing the deposit.

You may imagine the thoughts going through my head on my flights back to camp. At such a young age, I had begun my gold prospecting career with a real bang. Let me tell you now about the next bang I heard...

Upon my return to camp, I found only a skeleton crew present. I asked the few remaining company employees where everyone was. I was told that they were out gold mining. What? Gold mining? Where?

"They are working the "veta" (vein) in the jungle", I was told.

The veta was on the legal company gold concession and no one was legally able to jump our claim. Oh, how naïve I was back in those days.

Sure enough, upon my arrival back at the veta, I encountered about 75, mostly unknown men, busily at work on our concession. And this was in the middle of nowhere! How did they even know about this discovery? The place was an absolute beehive of activity. They had dug more than 30 feet down in places and had opened up more than 100 yards of the length of the vein. The deposit was already enormous and still growing in size!

I immediately protested their mining activities. I carefully explained how this was a legal concession and that they were mining illegally. I was met with loud laughter and a "F... You" attitude. I persisted protesting a while longer and then the guns came out.

Several blasts were shot above my head and the message was crystal clear. Yes, I was starting off my gold prospecting career with a real big bang indeed.

I learned an important lesson that day. I guess I don’t really have to explain it much further to you. What an exciting experience my discovery had been, in so many ways.




As I mentioned to you last week, the main reason for sharing my experience is to communicate what I felt as I made this discovery. I felt so alive and amazed! I felt adrenaline pumping through my body. This didn’t have so much to do with material wealth. It had everything to do with how my life needed to be lived on a regular basis.

Since that incredible experience, so many years ago, I was able to set up my life in such a way as to have similar experiences on a regular basis. Sometimes my discoveries were physical and sometimes my discoveries were intellectual or spiritual.

It may be important to mention here that my life has not always been a bowl of cherries; just ask my ex-wives. However, many times I have been able to experience this great rush of "Discovery Excitement" just figuring out how to extract myself from the stupid situations in which I put myself.

My main point is that I "get off" on exploring and discovering new things every day. I use a large and powerful array of tools to do that. Here is a very brief short-list of some of the tools I use regularly:

1. The Internet

     a. sophisticated Google search functions (Power Googling)

     b. site: searches of individual websites (this is huge!)

     c. searches of specific keywords

2. Alternative news media

3. My physical book collection

4. My digital library (6 terra-bytes and growing)

5. Historical maps (digital & physical) & Google Earth

6. Speaking with local Natives about family legends & stories

7. There is so much more on this list...!

Please let me know in the Community Forum if you would like to know more about my investigative secrets. I have many more tricks up my sleeve that I would love to share with you if you are interested. This is all in the name of living in the regular state of "Discovery Excitement"!  

Finally, I have a real gem to tell you about. Several weeks ago I shared a story of a very special person who has become a new friend. She owns rich mining properties in the Western USA. She has been in the precious metals mining business her entire life. She is a brilliant, multi-talented person who has acquired advanced, proprietary knowledge and experience related to the extraction of precious metals from complex ores. I kept her personal information anonymous as I had not yet received permission from her to share.

I am pleased to tell you now that Patricia is willing to share everything with our community. I am in the process of preparing a special place in our Clubhouse where I can share the story of her background and her information. I consider it to be a real privilege to be able to work with her in this way. Thanks Patricia!

As I work to evolve The Wealthy Adventurer’s University in several important directions, I thank you for your patience with this process. Sometimes the progress is slow, and sometimes it is fast (fast is better). I wish you a great and "Discovery Exciting" rest of the week.